When it comes to stash bags for weed and how to store your cannabis, you’ve got choices to make. You don’t keep it tucked away in a drawer, do you? Or perhaps you have a chic concealment solution, such as the new Crosby Pouch from House of Puff. We took a straw poll to find out the most popular places to hide your cash. The rapidly changing attitudes toward cannabis are reflected in the answers you provided. To my great delight, in an optimistic course. Since public opinion on cannabis is gradually shifting, users are becoming more forthcoming about their experiences with it. In 2017, two-thirds of American and Canadian women buried their savings. Today, thankfully, around two-thirds of our community does not experience the slightest bit of shame or guilt about their cannabis use. Wow, talk about making headway!


Where do you suggest you keep your hoard? That may be the drawer of your desk or coffee table. Someone among you has converted an old manicure kit into a makeshift ashtray for unfinished joints. That way, you won’t have to worry about any weed going to waste. Another member of our society hides their money in an old wooden wine barrel. And others of you like the time-tested mason jar, which is an excellent choice for extending the life of your flowers even if it isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing one.

To what end does your stash have its current location?

The majority of our neighbors cited convenience as a motivating factor, indicating a welcome return to the norm. Your life will be much less complicated if your stash is within easy reach. The last thing you want to do when you’re in the mood for a smoke session or want to grab some CBD salve is have to hunt around for it. It’s not uncommon for people to maintain their secret stash bag in close proximity to their usual point of consumption. Eighty percent of women who use cannabis do it right before bed (Brightfield). If you prefer using tinctures, you may keep one on your bathroom shelf. So, it can be a natural part of your bedtime ritual. You might also hide it in a secret compartment of your dresser. For those who like to keep their drinking under the radar even at home, hidden locations remain the best option. To be sure, many of us don’t feel the same pressure to maintain anonymity that we once did.


We advise purchasing a stash bag or box designed for cannabis if you don’t already have a designated place to keep it. Avoid or reduce the likelihood of loss or damage by taking precautions. Of course, that’s not the sole justification for purchasing a concealed carry pouch. The cannabis smell is typically contained in the containers themselves. You still need an airtight container to protect your drugs from going stale, even if you don’t mind everyone knowing about your habit. It’s recommended to keep your flower in a separate container if you smoke a lot. Food is no different in this regard. On the other hand, if you’re a microdoser, you can probably carry all of your supplies in a single pouch. It’s also convenient to have a place to store and easily access your various cannabis items. Approximately 63% of our population is already armed with their very personal cache bag.


It’s not always simple to choose a stash bag that’s ideal for your personal needs and preferences in cannabis consumption. Sure, we get it. Finding the right one can be difficult, as we know from experience. And that’s why the folks at House of Puff came up with the brand spanking new Crosby Pouch. You can keep your valuables safe in this chic, pink pouch that will complement your high-end accessories and chic home decor. Additionally, it is resistant to stains, odors, and microbes. It’s convenient at home, but it’s also portable and useful on the move.

How secure is your stash?

It’s understandable if you think it’s normal to secure your cash. Most of us, however, do not. Only a minority of our survey respondents (11% to be exact) secure their cannabis. One common justification is keeping younger family members out of danger. One mother said hers is kept in the basement. Adults only are allowed in the garage at her house.


The act of securing your hoard is commendable. For obvious reasons, this is something nearly everyone does. It prevents pets and children from gaining access to marijuana. Someone mentioned locking their stash away in a filing cabinet in case the landlord ever needed to enter the apartment. Cannabis is becoming more acceptable in society, but not everyone is on board just yet. Although 63% of you don’t bother hiding your stockpile, it’s evident that views are shifting. Amazing about-face, considering that in 2017 66 percent of us tried to hide our cannabis use. There appear to be three causes for this shift. One important factor is the recent trend toward legalization in countries like the United States and Canada. Second, a sizable portion of the general public is beginning to see the plant for what it really is: a potential medicine chest. Third, the idea that cannabis is more harmful than other socially acceptable substances for adult use, such as alcohol, is being refuted as a result of increased study and education. Now, more and more people who use cannabis aren’t ashamed to admit it in public. Totally, we support celebrating the splendor of the cannabis community with no shame.

What do you keep in your hidden bag?

So, I finally get to the million dollar question: what are your go-to items in your secret stash? After all, giving has long been an integral part of the cannabis community. The majority of you admitted that you have sampled just about every category. Flower remains the undisputed ruler, though. A large majority of you routinely stock up on your preferred flower strains and the ancillary items you’ll need to smoke them. Pre-rolled cones, rolling sheets, and lighters are perhaps the most often used items in your stash.

what’s your favorite secret stash item?

Here are a few examples of the many products that you adore. Your gold seashell grinder is cherished by one of you. There’s another member of our group who swears by the Durban Poison flower for its energizing effects. Many of you have also shared with us that the Le Pipe One Hitters and Nebula Rolling Trays from House of Puff are your go-to smoking accessories.

In regards to your stash, what do you covet the most?

As the cannabis market expands, consumers have more options than ever before. You know, for the sake of expanding your savings. Lots of you are curious about trying out different varieties. One of you is on the lookout for a non-metal herb grinder of higher quality. Our hearing is starting to hurt…. The details are being kept under wraps for the time being, so stay tuned in the coming months!

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