LED Grow Light Manufacturers

LED grow lights are a great way to get high-quality, potent buds from your plants. These lights are easy to set up, require little maintenance, and have a lower energy cost than other growing techniques. Here is a look at some of the top LED grow light manufacturers in the world:


This California-based manufacturer has been producing lights since 2014. They have partnered with hydroponic and soil growers to research, test and develop their lighting systems under the toughest commercial environments.


This LED grow light manufacturer is based in Shenzhen, China and produces a range of lighting products for indoor growing. Their lighting technology is backed by horticultural research and has won many awards.


This China-based company is known for its affordable, efficient and high-quality LED grow lights. Their lighting products are widely available in the market and can be purchased for both commercial and home use.


The China-based LED lighting company, SHINETOO, specializes in making high-quality indoor and outdoor lights. The firm has received a number of industry accolades for its products and is committed to providing the best customer service. The SHINETOO line of LED grow lights includes multiple options, which are available to fit any budget. They also offer a wide variety of wattages, which are suited to different stages of plant growth. A good LED grows light should have a thermal heat management design, spaced-out diodes, and an underdriving design to prevent overheating. This will help the LED diodes last longer and operate more efficiently. If the LED diodes aren’t properly dissipating the heat they produce, they will start to degrade and fail.

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