Leading Cream Charger Suppliers

In this article, you will learn about the different types of chargers available and how to choose the best one for your needs. We have provided information on some leading cream charger suppliers. Learn about MOSA, Kayser, SmartWhip and iSi. We’ll also discuss how to choose between these manufacturers. Read on for more details! Let us take a closer look at each of these leading cream charger suppliers. What makes them so good?

MOSA is a leading cream charger supplier

A whipped-cream charger is a steel cartridge or cylinder filled with nitrogen oxide (N2O). It is the whipping agent used in a whipped cream dispenser. The nitrous oxide gas used in a Mosa charger is certified culinary-grade and weighs eight grams. Mosa chargers are used in numerous commercial applications and are trusted by chefs in Europe and Asia. They are also recyclable.

Among the many brands of cream chargers, Nang World is a popular choice among chefs, bartenders, and cooking enthusiasts. Mosa Pro chargers contain 8.5g of nitrous oxide gas and are crafted in a state-of-the-art factory in Taiwan. The quality of each unit is checked and certified for purity, and the company guarantees no duds. With a no-duds guarantee and the highest level of quality, these chargers are a must-have for any professional kitchen.

Kayser is a leading cream charger supplier

The company was founded by Herbert Kayser in 1952 in Vienna, Austria. Its products include cream chargers, soda siphon systems, and pressurised gas cylinders. It offers a 5-year warranty on cream chargers. Kayser sells its products through distributors, who are considered to be its customers. Kayser is an international brand, offering customers a wide variety of chargers, siphon systems, and related equipment.

The cream charger market is a lucrative business opportunity. Although the demand is high, the market is still crowded. Most renowned manufacturer brands have only a few distributors in a particular country. Therefore, these distributors charge a higher initial price for their products, preventing them from earning the intended profit margins. Therefore, the market has a need for new entrants. The following companies offer cream chargers wholesale:

SmartWhip is a leading cream charger supplier

InfusionMax is one of the leading cream charger suppliers in Australia, New Zealand, and the UK. The company holds large inventories throughout the year and ships orders the same day from its Sydney distribution center. The company’s patented SmartWhip technology enables it to produce 580g cream chargers per month. Every piece of SmartWhip must pass rigorous quality control procedures to ensure high-quality products.

The company is based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and manufactures a variety of innovative cream chargers. One of its latest products, the SmartWhip 580g N2O, subverts the specifications of the 8g cream charger, reducing time spent whipping and trouble for chefs. In addition to its innovative features, SmartWhip chargers are safer to use in commercial kitchens and bars because they are manufactured under strict standards.

iSi is a leading cream charger supplier

If you’re in the business of serving cream and other dairy products, you should know that iSi is a leading cream and whipper charger supplier. Its products are used in the hospitality industry by many major coffee chains and restaurants, and are equally suitable for home use by bakers. Although most of these products are used to whip cream, they are also versatile enough to be used to create sauces, alcohols, and syrups.

With multiple warehouses throughout the United States, QuickWhip is a global leader in the industry. It serves over 17 countries, with its products being sold at low prices and backed by excellent customer service. These cream chargers can be used for a wide range of applications, and QuickWhip offers dedicated wholesale sections for these products. You can find various 20, 50, and 100 pack cream chargers, depending on your specific requirements.


If you are looking for a great supplier of pressurised cream charger, you’ve come to the right place. ISI is a leading cream charger supplier and has been serving the cream charger industry for more than 30 years. Our products are used in a variety of businesses, including restaurants, bars, hotels, and even the niche leisure activity market. We also carry a variety of other accessories, including measuring cups and a cream dispenser.

The highest-quality chargers made by ISI are used in the best kitchens around the world. Their high-quality chargers have been used by chefs for more than fifty years. ISI chargers are renowned for leaving less residue and offering a greater standard of performance. Many of their chargers are compatible with standard whippers. They can be used by all levels of experience, from beginner to professional, and all of them are safe and sanitary.


MOSA Cream Charger is a leading supplier of high-quality air gas chargers. Located in Taiwan, MOSA Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in 1988. Although it started its operations in the plastics industry, it later moved into the manufacturing of high-pressure cylinders for gas delivery. Within ten years, MOSA became a professional manufacturer of cylinders. In addition to its high-quality air gas chargers, MOSA also focuses on giving back to the community, fulfilling social responsibilities, and exerting a positive influence on the surroundings.

In the UK, Mosa has a reputation as the leading brand for cream chargers. It is the world’s largest cream charger manufacturer, with an impressive 140,000 square metre manufacturing facility. Using certified pure N2O, each charger contains 8g of Nitrous Oxide. This product is weighed electronically to ensure that it contains exactly eight grams of Nitrous Oxide. Mosa also produces chargers for gas balloons, airbag inflators, and gas balloons.

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