Effect after a course of procedures:

  • healthy nail growth
  • complete removal of the mycelium of the fungus.


  • noticeable improvement immediately after the first treatment
  • a quick procedure that takes an average of 10 minutes
  • safe and comfortable
  • no medications or topical preparations are required.


  • uneven structure or coloration of the nail
  • voids under the nail bed
  • stripes or striations of the nail
  • thickening of the nails
  • unpleasant suffocating odor
  • peeling on the skin or between the toes.

Treatment of nail fungus or onychomycosis is a delicate but burning issue. Many mistakenly believe that fungus is a purely aesthetic problem; in fact, the enemy is much more dangerous than it seems at first glance. The disease affects people of any gender and age, has more than two hundred types of pathogens, and the causes of its occurrence are very diverse – from general weakness of the body to tight shoes. Humid air and heavy rains in St. Petersburg, alas, only help to strengthen the position of the fungus in the list of the most common diseases. Nail fungus is also insidious in that the symptoms of the disease at first do not cause much discomfort, and they do not appear immediately.

Having settled on the nail plate, the fungus will declare itself in three main ways:

  • discoloration of the nail plate
  • thickening


See your doctor at the first sign of a yeast infection. The delay you give to the disease makes the necessary treatment time longer and adds possible complications. But the most dangerous mistake is taking medications on your own.

A few years ago, the treatment of nail fungus was limited to a course of taking toxic drugs (the so-called antimycotics), which have a lot of side effects; or treatment with ointments and solutions that act only superficially. Needless to say, the fight against the disease at home is still a waste of money and time.

But the main difficulty in the treatment of the fungus is its ability to develop immunity to any type of therapy. To anyone except laser treatment. In the fight against nail fungus, the most studied and effective is the complex method of laser treatment “Nail PRO”. This amazing treatment regimen came to us from Germany, where the widespread use of lasers in dermatological practice began in the 20th century. More than 90% of patients showed a pronounced positive result after the first procedure, and after undergoing a course of treatment with Nail PRO, they permanently got rid of the manifestations of the fungus. The uniqueness of the Nail PRO technique lies in a special, dual mode of laser exposure: the laser kills the fungus and helps a healthy nail grow faster.

Yulia Markovna Gekht, a dermatologist at the MedClub clinic, a leading specialist in the treatment of fungus, will tell you more about this.

– At the first stage, the laser beam absolutely painlessly penetrates under the nail plate and acts directly on the focus of the disease, that is, on the mycelium of the fungus. Due to short-term heating of tissues, the structure of the mycelium is destroyed, and the fungus loses its ability to grow and multiply. No topical drug can penetrate so deeply. At the same time, the laser, unlike medications, destroys only the mycelium, without damaging the healthy tissues of the nail and skin.

At the second stage of exposure, laser radiation stimulates the division of healthy cells, and the nail plates recover and grow faster.

Laser treatment is prescribed after the patient has been examined by a dermatologist and appropriate clinical tests have been carried out. Clinic specialists guarantee absolute safety and comfort during the procedure.


Nail fungus-like changes are found in various dermatological diseases. No dermatologist, no matter how professional experience he has, will take up the treatment of nail fungus without laboratory diagnostics, even if there are the most typical signs of this disease.

To achieve a tangible positive result in the shortest possible time, an integrated approach to getting rid of the fungus is needed. Treatment will be most effective if the patient properly prepares their nails for the course of treatments. A hardware pedicure will make the surface of the nail smoother, remove all thickenings and provide better access to the laser beam. This will significantly reduce the number of procedures, increasing the percentage of cure. Hardware processing of nails is carried out by experienced podologists – masters of medical pedicure of the Med Club clinic and fully prepares the nail plate for laser treatment.

Whether you have been struggling with a fungus for many years, or for the first time faced with issues of nail treatment – the specialists of the MedClub clinic group will help you at any stage of the disease. Positive changes will be noticeable after the first procedure, and the effect will only increase.


You do not need to spend a lot of time on treatment: the high energy of the light flash allows you to effectively treat your nails in an average of 10 minutes.

Passing the full course of “Nail PRO” will save you from the external manifestations of the fungus and, most importantly, from the recurrence of the disease for a long time. Get treated with us and stay healthy.

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