Labor Front demands payment of arrears before Eid holidays

The Socialist Workers Front has demanded that all arrears of wages and full bonuses be paid to the workers before the Eid holidays. Leaders say rising commodity prices have severely reduced workers’ living standards. This picture of living standard is not consistent with the picture of development and per capita income growth of the country. Therefore, in order to maintain the standard of daily life of the workers, the national minimum wage has to be announced at Rs.

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The leaders made the remarks at a protest rally in front of the National Press Club on Friday. The rally was held before the Eid holidays to demand implementation of the 9 points of the scope, including payment of arrears of wages and full bonus to the workers, payment of high allowance, ration system for daily commodities and announcement of national minimum wage of Tk 20,000.

Organizing Secretary Khalequzzaman Lipon, Finance Secretary Zulfiqar Ali, Cultural Secretary Selim Mahmud, Executive Members SM Qadir, Saiful Islam Sharif, MA Milton and others addressed the rally. Amin Sohag, Mohammad Sohail, Anisur Rahman, Anwar Khan, Saiful Islam and others.

At the end of the rally, a demonstration procession circled various streets of the city.


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