Kolkata celebrates ‘Bangladesh’s first national flag hoisting day abroad’

The first national flag hoisting day of Bangladesh was celebrated at the Bangladesh Sub-High Commission in Kolkata. Today is Monday.

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Earlier, officials of the Deputy High Commission marched around the embassy carrying the national flag of Bangladesh. Four officials of the sub-commission held the four corners of the flag. They are the councilor (consular) said. Basiruddin, Councilor Reazul Islam (Education and Sports), First Secretary (Commerce) Mohammad Shamsul Arif and First Secretary (Press) Ranjan Sen. Among them were Deputy High Commissioner Andalib Elias, Head of Chancery of the Embassy Shamima Yasmeen Smriti and other embassy staff.

Andalib Elias, the Deputy High Commissioner of the Embassy, ​​hoisted the national flag of Bangladesh with due respect after observing the rules around the Deputy High Commission.

After hoisting the flag, the Deputy High Commissioner said, “On that day, this embassy was the first to leave Pakistan and show allegiance to the government of Bangladesh.
Today was that historic day. We are proud to hoist the national flag today in remembrance of that day.

He mentioned that he is proud to be able to hoist the flag of Bangladesh in the same mission in which the flag of Bangladesh was hoisted for the first time in 1971.

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