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Know Which Flowers To Gift To A Wedding Couple!

Know Which Flowers To Gift To A Wedding Couple!

Do you think of a person who is celebrating their birthday without cakes? Of Course, not! Just like birthdays are incomplete without a cake, one cannot imagine weddings without flowers. The place of flowers at weddings is irreplaceable, as they are the soul of any wedding. From home decor to the wedding stage, flowers make every ritual in the wedding blissful. Also, how can we forget about wedding garlands and bouquets!

Flowers To Gift To A Wedding Couple

We can not deny that Flowers are an essential part of any celebration, but their importance in a wedding ceremony is exceptionally remarkable. For wedding celebrations, online services for flower delivery in Mumbai can fulfill your need. You don’t have to make someone busy with this work as there are plenty of things to look after during a wedding celebration. Flowers also make a perfect gifting item to greet a wedding couple. Giving flowers will add vibrant, scented color to the gift you’ll be giving away.

So, whenever you’re about to attend any wedding and don’t know what fits well as a gift for them, give them flowers as this is the most fitting gift for a wedding ceremony. Also, they are economical, so you don’t have to spend enough on the wedding gift. And not just for the wedding, flowers make a perfect gift for your beloved too, as their charm is irresistible. It is possible to choose a bouquet that is meaningful to the person receiving it or a flower that is well in the style of the event. Here’s the list of flowers that you can consider as a wedding gift for the host couple.

Calla lilies

Calla lilies are ornamental plants, and planters generally grow them in gardens. These flowers are fragrant and signify a new beginning, which makes them an ideal choice to convey your wishes to the wedding couple. The flower is also known as the arum lily or the green goddess. They bloom in white, dark maroon, and lavender colors.


Carnations are also known as grenadine or the clove pink. History shows that carnations have been cultivated for more than two millennia. According to Greek literature, carnations refer to Crowns or Garland and are thought to be sacred, making them a perfect wedding flower. These beautiful flowers are widely known as bridal flowers as the bride carries a bouquet of carnations in a ritual of a wedding.


Gardenias can be grown as evergreen plants or as small trees. Their leaves have shiny and look like leather. Different kinds of flowers are found in various forms. Certain varieties may grow in a single plant, while others could form groups. The flowers begin blooming in mid-spring and continue to bloom until midsummer. So, if any wedding is happening in midsummer, don’t forget to add these flowers to a wedding bouquet.

Gerbera daisies

Gerberas are vibrant colored flowers, and you can find them in these colors like red, yellow, and pink. They are known for their beauty and are usually found in bouquets with mixed flowers. The flower’s center is typically black. These flowers bloom during spring and will continue to bloom until the fall while they need an average of 6 to 8 hours of sunlight to grow. A bouquet made with gerberas can be a delightful gift for the wedding couple. You can get the flower bouquet delivery in Pune, having these flowers included from a reputed online florist.


Peonies have around twenty-five to forty species, but currently, according to the consensus, they have 33 species. The majority of the varieties are grown as plants, while others are a range of woody plants. The flowers are available in many shades, which include red, white, and pink. They begin flowering in the last week of spring. They also have medicinal advantages, and countries like Japan, China, and Korea use these plants for medicinal purposes. Having them in a bouquet of mixed flowers can make a perfect wedding bouquet for the couple.


Ranunculus flowers have around 600 species and are well-known as buttercup or water crowfoots. The plant’s roots are stubborn. Though these flowers bloom right at the beginning of spring, their availability is not throughout the summer.


Stephanotis is the Madagascar jasmine, also known as the Hawaiian wedding flower, and is a climber with a woody appearance. These flowers are famous for their smooth leaves with an oval shape. They appear tubular with a white and waxy texture if you get to touch their leaves. Being named the Hawaiian wedding flower, they make a perfect present for the bride.

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Tulip refers to a turban and is a resemblance to bulbs. Tulips are colorful, dazzling, and vibrant flowers available in yellow, red-orange, pink, or red shades. The tulip is a perennial flower that blooms in spring and summer. They have a pretty look with three petals that resemble a bell. Giving them to someone at a marriage ceremony will surely add its spark to the event. 

A wedding is one of the most significant and memorable events in everyone’s life. So giving your dear ones some of the best flowers at their wedding would be an ideal way to wish them well.

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