KK-Anupam: I will blame my management team for any problem, not entrepreneurs: Anupam Roy

Tuesday to Friday. Anupam Roy is going to set foot on Nazrul Mancha three days after the last show of KK. For the second time, the security measures were tightened so that the face of Bengal would not be burnt. College fest at this bar too. Organized by Regent Park’s Calcutta Institute of Engineering and Management. There will be ambulances inside and outside the Nazrul Mancha during the ceremony. There will also be specialist doctors. For Anupam, is Friday’s program as effortless as previous programs?
Anandabazar online contacted the singer to find out. The artist simply said, “There is no extra pressure. The way I have been performing for so many days, I will do it today. I have explained everything to my management team. They will take care of the rest. My job is to sing. I will do that. ” Most of them complained that Krishnakumar Kunnath died suddenly due to the negligence of the organizers. Is Anupam himself sitting down to discuss the event with the organizers this time? This time too he claims, all the responsibility belongs to his management team. They have already spoken to the organizers. After that, Anupam assured, “If there is any problem in today’s program, it is the responsibility of my team management. Not the organizers. I will not impose any responsibility on them. Because they have the responsibility to look after my advantages and disadvantages, good and bad.

Anupam also said that KK’s untimely death had shaken him. Only three days later he was on that stage. This is what he will remember again and again before setting foot on the stage in the auditorium. The mind will be burdened even if it is small. You have to sing your own song. On this day, listeners will hear any song of KK sung by the singer of ‘Belashuru’? The artist claims, of course. He and his team are going to have a special episode like that. However, he will not sing more songs than the singer of ‘Zindegi Do Paul Ki’. Anupam said again, “I am not afraid at all. The insanity of the audience excites me. So I will be among them singing. “

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