Killing wife for giving too much salt in food

It has been alleged that a man killed his wife by giving her too much salt in her food. The incident took place in Maharashtra, India. Police said the man was made breakfast by his wife. But he killed his wife in a fit of rage because of the excess salt in the food. This information was given in a report of Indian media NDTV.

The incident took place in Vyandar municipality of Thane district in the state on Friday morning local time. Police have arrested the accused.

Nilesh Gah, 48, suffocated his wife Nirmala to death after breakfast in the morning. The incident took place around 9:30 am local time.
Nirmala cooked khichuri for her husband for breakfast. But there was more salt in it. Nilesh got angry at this. Nirmala was later strangled to death with a long cloth.

Upon receiving the news, the police reached the spot and sent the body to the local government hospital for forensic test. The incident is under investigation, police said. A case has been filed against the man at the local police station.

Meanwhile, another similar incident took place last Thursday (April 14). A woman (42) was shot dead by her father-in-law for not giving her breakfast and tea. The dead woman was a resident of Rabodi in Thane.

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