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Keep Pests Away from your Dumpster

There are many different types of pests. Some are just annoying, but others can be dangerous. You don’t want pests near your building because they can spread diseases or harm your pets. Raccoons are cute, but they can also carry diseases. Bears may be cute, but you don’t want them too close to your building because they can make a big mess. Following these seven guidelines, you can deter unwanted critters from your outdoor dumpsters.

Build a home for your dumpsters instead of local wildlife.

It would help if you placed your dumpsters in the right spot. It is, so the dumpsters are on a concrete pad on a slope. It will help prevent rodents from getting in and help the water run off properly. If you have strong or clever animals in your area, you might want to consider an enclosure for your dumpster with a door that only humans can easily open and close.

Proper Location

To prevent pests from infesting your building, put your dumpster at least 50 feet away, preferably 100 feet away. The dumpster should also be away from thick shrubs. Nearby grass and weeds should be trimmed short. Birds and rodents feel safer in dense plant life, so trimming these areas will discourage them from nesting or digging burrows close to your garbage.

Maintain barriers

The defense against pests reaching into your trash should be heavy-duty, tear-resistant trash bags. It is especially important if you throw out a lot of food waste. You should also check your dumpsters for cracks, wear, and holes and patch them up with fiberglass reinforcement tape or epoxy. Rodents can get through tiny spaces not just to scavenge but to make a home and raise baby pests.

Pay attention — those barriers don’t work unless they stay in place.

Always keep your dumpster lids closed and secured. Make sure to tie up all the trash bags and put them in the dumpster. Check now and then to ensure that other people are doing the same thing. If your lids can’t be securely closed, use bungees or clips to prevent animals from getting into the trash.

Don’t attract critters with “good smells.”

The garbage we find smelly is very tempting to pests. To avoid this, seal all food trash inside bags before putting it in the dumpster. Be sure to clean any spills inside the dumpster with soapy water immediately. Rinsing food and drink containers will also help minimize pests’ smell.

Do repel critters with “bad smells.”

Most animals, including humans, find ammonia irritating. Spraying an ammonia solution near your dumpster will kill many insects, including cockroaches. It will also repel animals like raccoons, possums, and rats. However, be careful not to let the stench of ammonia spread inside your building. Do not mix ammonia with bleach because it produces toxic fumes.

Scare the pests away

Motion-activated security lights will help keep animals away from your dumpster. These animals might try to get in when no one is around. Motion-activated lights can also help keep you safe at night or during winter when it is darker outside for a longer time.


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