Journalists are exaggerating, claiming the nephew of the railway minister’s wife

Relatives of Railway Minister’s wife Shammi Akter Moni, who caused the dismissal of TTE again after being hit by a train without a ticket, are now blaming journalists.Monir’s nephew Imrul Kayes Prant, who has filed a complaint against Train Ticket Examiner (TTE) Shafiqul Islam, went to testify before a committee set up to probe the incident on Sunday.

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He said he and his family were “upset and embarrassed” by various questions from journalists over the past few days.

“We were looking at the whole issue positively, while the journalists were unnecessarily dragging out a small issue.”

Addressing the reporters present, the young man said, “You are exaggerating this issue, which you could have done if you had not done it. Whatever I say, I have told the inquiry committee. I have nothing to say to you. ”

Pranta came to address the inquiry committee at the Pakshi divisional office of the Western Railway in Ishwardi, Pabna. Some eyewitnesses including TTE Shafiqul also addressed the inquiry committee.

After this incident, when the journalists went to collect news in Nur Mahalla of Prantar Bari Ishwardi Municipality, the people of that house also abused them.

Banglavision correspondent Ziaul Haque Ripon said, “As soon as we reached the mahalla, a woman along with some youths came running towards us. In the face of their insults, we are forced to return without listening to the people of the house. ”

There are many houses on the edge of that house in Ishwardi. Her father lives in exile. Mother Yasmin Akter Nipa lives with her children at her father’s house in Nur Mahalla.

Nipper’s half-sister is Shammi Akhter Moni, with whom he married Railway Minister Nurul Islam Sujan last year.On the night of May 4, Pranth and his two uncles Hasan and Omar were traveling from Khulna to Dhaka on an intercity ‘Sundarbans Express’ train from Ishwardi without a ticket in an AC cabin. Hassan and Omar’s mother Nipa’s cousin. According to that source, they are also relatives of Moni, the wife of the Railway Minister.

According to TTE Shafiqul, when he asked for a ticket that day, Prantra introduced himself as a relative of the railway minister. Pakshi then, on the advice of the higher authorities of the Divisional Railways, booked ordinary seats in cheap class non-AC coaches with their fines.

However, Nasir Uddin, the Commercial Officer (DCO) of Pakshi Divisional Railway, ordered immediate dismissal of Shafiqul over the phone after the TTE accused him of misconduct.

When the news of TTE’s dismissal spread among the passengers without tickets, the Railway Minister at first denied having any relatives.

Speaking at a press conference in Dhaka on Sunday, he admitted that the three people traveling without tickets were relatives of his wife, whom he did not know before.

Although the Railway Minister did not give a clear answer to the question whether TTE Shafiqul was sacked under the pressure of his wife, Information Minister Hasan Mahmud said at a function in Dhaka that it was not appropriate for the Railway Authority to sack TTE on the words of Minister Sujan’s wife.

Stating that the order dismissing TTE Shafiqul has been canceled, the Railway Minister said that a committee has been formed to investigate the whole incident.

Besides, the Divisional Commercial Officer (DCO) of Railways Nasir Uddin has been asked to show cause by giving a notice for immediate dismissal.

The inquiry committee headed by Assistant Transport Officer (ATO) Sajedul Islam Babu of Pakshi Divisional Office of Railways has been given five days time.

Sajedul told reporters on Sunday, “We have accepted the statements of the complainant and the accused. Attempts are also being made to know the statements of eyewitnesses.

“Everything is being scrutinized to make sure there is no misconduct.”

Sajedul also claimed that there was no pressure on the investigation committee.

Meanwhile, testifying before the inquiry committee, TTE Shafiqul Islam said, “I am happy that the dismissal order has been revoked. Thank God.”

Pakshi’s DCO Nasir cited ‘mental disorder’ and ‘drug addiction’ as the reasons for his dismissal.

Shafiqul said, “I do not understand why DCO Sir called me a drug addict and mentally ill.

“On the day I was in charge of the car that night, I collected and deposited Rs 6,000 in up and down revenue. Is it possible for a deranged person to do such a thing? ”

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