Johnny Tabaie Weight Loss Program Review

In terms of weight loss, the name Johnny Tabaie stands for powerful holistic techniques. This is evident in the state-of-the-art facilities and Medical Doctors who perform the programs. Medical doctors back the methods by guaranteeing that all drug residues are eliminated from the body. A longer program allows time for the client to learn new habits and reprogram negative beliefs. The facility promotes a holistic lifestyle that incorporates exercise, meditation, and other practices.

Johnny the Healer

Holistic Sanctuary is a facility that uses a proven all-natural healing technique called the Pouyan Method. This treatment reverses the damage caused by drugs and includes a non-GMO organic diet and therapies that no other drug rehabilitation center offers. Johnny Tabaie the Healer has helped more than 1000 patients over the last 10 years. His clients are fed up with the poison that they have been prescribed by their doctors and travel to Mexico to experience real healing.

Pouyan Method

The Pouyan Method is a comprehensive holistic treatment protocol which is exclusive and confidential. It does not rely on prescription medications to treat mental health disorders. The platinum package comes with a lifetime guarantee. Many of our clients have reported excellent results after using the method. To learn more about the Pouyan Method, check out our review below. We have also included a testimonial from one of our clients. If you’re suffering from mental health problems and would like to find out how you can use it to treat your condition, please read on!


Ibogaine is a plant that is used in psychedelic rituals. It was first used as a drug in the 1970s, administered by shamans, often former addicts. Today, ibogaine is being sought by a growing number of people looking for new ways to deal with their problems. The World Health Organization has listed ketamine, the main ingredient in the psychedelic cocktail Special K, on its list of essential medicines. Ketamine has become a common treatment option in psychedelic raves, and ketamine clinics are now offering therapeutic intravenous drips of the drug.

Ibogaine reduces opiate withdrawal symptoms

Many people wonder if ibogaine really reduces opiate withdrawal symptoms for Johnny T. and if it is real. It has been endorsed by celebrities, including Gwyneth Paltrow. The drug has also been found to relieve depression and anxiety. Scientists are still discovering the many other benefits of ibogaine. Oakland’s City Council recently approved research into this natural substance.

Success rate

Known for his revolutionary approach to addiction treatment, Johnny Tabaie’s success rate is quite high. The founder of the Holistic Sanctuary Medication Rehab Therapy Facility, Johnny Tabaie is the creator of the Pouyan Method. This method is based on natural elements, and is equally effective in treating anxiety and addiction. Johnny Tabaie’s success rate is 100%, and his methods have been used to cure over a thousand people in the last decade.

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