Japan embarrassed by Ukraine’s actions

One thing the world has been seeing since the start of the war in Ukraine is that the country’s government is constantly begging the world court for the weapons it needs. Not just begging, the country demands, ‘Let our skies be free from air traffic’. But begging is not available if you want. Ukraine’s leaders, however, have not publicly said what would happen if they did not receive arms from the West. We can assume that if they don’t get arms begging, they can forget about etiquette and do anything.

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Some recent actions by the Ukrainian government indicate that. The country is not at all worried about what we mean by polite behavior. With the world’s leading state on its side, the country’s leaders may have assumed that they are strong enough to behave as they please now.

Japan has sided with Ukraine since the beginning of the ongoing war. Tokyo has generously provided financial and other assistance to the country. Even as a distant country, Japan has opened its doors to Ukrainian refugees. There has always been panic among the Japanese about accepting refugees. Even then, the Japanese government has taken rare steps for the Ukrainians.

But despite all this, Kiev has failed to show its gratitude to Japan. Proof of this is some videos posted on social media. In a video, the Ukrainian government thanked the countries that stood by them in the war. It names 31 countries, including the United States and the United Kingdom. But the name of Japan was not mentioned, which disappointed the Japanese leadership.

Japanese Foreign Minister Yoshimasa Hayashi told a news conference that the explanation he received from Ukraine was that he had been thanked in a video message for providing military assistance. This means that Ukraine has not received more arms from Japan than arms begging. Therefore, despite receiving humanitarian and financial assistance, the country is reluctant to express its gratitude to Japan.

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