Israel will not be able to pass even if it makes a ‘small mistake’, the threat of Raisi

Israel’s President Ibrahim Raisi has warned that Israel will not be spared if “even the slightest effort” is made against Iran.

He made the remarks while participating in an exhibition of indigenous technology weapons and defense equipment organized on the occasion of Iran’s National Army Day on Monday. Khabar Al Jazeera.

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A parade was organized in Tehran on this occasion. President Raisi and Iranian military officials attended.

“Our message to the Jewish government is that you are trying to normalize relations with some countries in the region. You must know that your slightest movement is not hidden from our intelligence, security and armed forces,” he said.

“And you must know that even if you make a small mistake against Iran, the center of the Jewish government will be the target of our armed forces,” he said.

Last month, Iran launched a missile attack on neighboring Iraq’s Irbil. It is the capital of the Kurdistan Autonomous Region of Iraq. Tehran claims that Israel used that facility. However, the governor of Erbil has denied the allegations.

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