Is Ukraine carrying out a subversive attack on Russia?

A fire broke out at the Tevar Space Research Institute, northwest of the Russian capital, Moscow. A fire also broke out at an ammunition factory in Perm, 1,100 kilometers east of the Tevar factory. In addition, two separate oil depots in the Russian city of Bryansk near Belarus caught fire.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Are all events coincidental? Or are these incidents a sign of sabotage by Ukraine or their supporters entering Russia, who want to punish Moscow for invading Ukraine? The whole thing has been analyzed by the news agency AFP.

A fire broke out at the Central Space Research Institute in Tevar on April 21, killing at least 16 people. Since the incident, any fire inside Russia has been widely discussed on social media. Attacks, especially in sensitive areas, indicate covert attacks.

No one has claimed responsibility for the sabotage. But analysts say some of the attacks, particularly those in Bryansk, could be Kiev’s work. Mikhail Podoliak’s telegram post has given rise to this idea. The senior adviser to the Ukrainian president called the incidents of sabotage in Russia “divine intervention” on social media. He said that large oil depots were burning for various reasons. He also wrote in the post, ‘Karmaphal is very cruel’.

Many Russian military vehicles were destroyed in the war in Ukraine. A Ukrainian woman walks past a wrecked tank
Many Russian military vehicles were destroyed in the war in Ukraine. A Ukrainian woman walks past a wrecked tankPhoto: Reuters.
‘We are not denying’
In a country as large as Russia, a fire in a factory or building in a remote area is not a matter of eyebrows. But the meaning of these events has changed since the Russian invasion of Ukraine. More than a dozen fires have been reported since the start of the Russian invasion. So last month, fires at the airport north of the city of Vladivostok in the far east of Russia and at coal mines on Sakhalin Island have raised suspicions of sabotage.

And last but not least, the fire that broke out last Wednesday at a chemical factory in Djerjesk, on the east side of Moscow. “The Russian saboteurs are continuing their historic work against Putin,” said the race driver of Ukraine. The driver regularly posted pictures and videos of various sabotage incidents inside Russia on Twitter. However, he could not show any evidence that the fire was a planned sabotage.

Oleksiy Arestovich, another Zelensky adviser, also told the New York Times that Israel never admits to its covert attacks or killings. “We are not acknowledging, nor are we denying.”

The United States has helped Ukraine with drones
The United States has helped Ukraine with dronesPhoto: Collected.
Part of the plan?
War experts believe the attack on Bryansk’s European oil supply service was deliberate and related to the war.

According to a Twitter account called “Ukraine Weapon Tracker”, they have “credible” evidence that Bryansk was set on fire by a Ukrainian drone strike.

Another expert, Rob Lee, told the Guardian: “I think it was an attack on Ukraine. But I’m not sure. ‘

In addition, attacks were carried out in the Russian cities of Belgrade and Kursk, near the battlefield on the Ukrainian border. After the April 1 attack on the Belgrade fuel depot, the city governor blamed the attack on a Ukrainian military helicopter.

Professor Phyllis O’Brien, a war expert, said: “There have been many fires in Russia’s strategic or military installations. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

The professor at the University of St Andrews in Scotland said the attacks were “definitely part of their plan”.

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