Is there any insurance that covers physical damages of phones

Smartphones have evolved into indispensable tools for modern life, and any loss or damage can significantly impact one’s financial situation. You can use your phone regardless of whether it’s an old or new model, where you are in the world, or who is using it. In the event of phone damage or theft, you will be compensated for the cost of your phone or its repair, thanks to mobile insurance. People are purchasing insurance for Apple iphones or any other brand from Pocket Insurance offered by Bajaj Finserv these days because it costs a minimal amount of money.

There is an insurance cover for almost every type of phone damage mentioned below:

Screen damage

Firstly iPhone screen repairs may be unreasonable, which is why having insurance policies that cover all of the costs associated with the repair can be useful in some situations. There are a lot of policies that offer insurance for Apple iPhones that cover the screen. The best ones on the market offer money to cover things like accidental damage or fire.

Theft or misplacement of a gadget that is insured

In the case of the loss or misplacement of an iPhone. A comprehensive insurance plan will frequently expand its coverage advantages. This can significantly reduce total expenditures up to the insurance policy’s maximum benefit.

Technical malfunctions

Technical problems with your smartphone, such as malfunctioning loudspeakers, charging ports, or a cracked screen, may be addressed at authorised service centres. And the invoiced sum can be claimed against the insurance of the Apple iPhone sent cashlessly straight to the service centre or reimbursed at a subsequent date.

Damage caused by liquids

Phone insurance policies frequently provide coverage for liquid or moisture-related phone damage as a standard feature. Under the terms of such insurance policies, is the screen of the device covered and other functional components of the gadget, such as the circuit board, microphone, camera, and so on.

Damage caused by accident

Comprehensive mobile insurance coverage will cover any phone damage resulting from carelessness or an accident. It is possible to use the money paid out in such instances (up to the total covered) for repairs or the replacement of permanently damaged components.

The benefits of having mobile insurance

There are several benefits to having mobile insurance. A few of the advantages that mobile insurance provides are listed below, 

  • Cell phone use has become almost universally accepted. Mobile insurance may be a lifesaver for those who rely on their devices. It is possible to acquire a replacement for a stolen or damaged smartphone (the same model) without upgrading to a less sophisticated model, depending on the insurance you purchase.
  • Theft or damage to your pricey smartphone is something you don’t want to happen, so you want to protect it. In this case, mobile insurance coverage may be of assistance.
  • If you have a history of misplacing or breaking your mobile phones, purchasing mobile insurance coverage is a wise investment.
  • It is highly recommended that you get mobile insurance if your daily activities are largely reliant on your smartphone and you would require rapid replacement in the event of damage.

Warranty Protection versus Mobile Insurance

Consumers are frequently of the opinion that having an extended warranty can eliminate the need to purchase additional insurance coverage. This warranty covers only the device’s mechanical and electronic issues. For example, if the speaker stops working or has a software problem, an extended warranty can be really useful. 

However, the most common issue for consumers these days is screen damage, theft, and other incidents not covered by an extended warranty, which is where insurance comes in handy. 

Processing Mobile Insurance Claims

Therefore, Under mobile insurance, submitting a claim is simple. Your smartphone’s serial number and the invoice/purchase bill must be sent to the insurance provider.

If your phone has been stolen or lost, you must submit FIR (first information report). Within 24 hours of learning of the theft or loss of your phone. To be considered eligible, you must register a claim within 48 hours, including the claim intimation paperwork and the FIR.

During the event of phone damage, the company will most likely direct you to the nearest authorised service centre and require that you obtain an estimate of the costs associated with the damage, in addition to describing the reason for the damage.


In conclusion Smartphones have become essential tools for everyone, and any loss or damage may be costly. Pocket Insurance, which Bajaj Finserv gives, one of India’s largest financial service providers. It allows you to buy insurance for Apple iPhone or any other reputable brand you want.

Mobile insurance protects you against phone damage or loss and ensures reimbursement.


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