Is Parag’s wife coming to handle Twitter this time holding the hand of ‘rival’?

Complications are also expected to increase if the pollen is removed and Binita takes over the reins of Twitter from the Anderson company.

Elon Musk-owned microblogging company Andresen Horowitz can join Twitter. But if that happens, it could be a difficult time for Mark Andreessen, the co-founder of the company. Mark is also a member of the board of directors of Twitter’s rival Meta. His company has also invested in Meta. As a result, if he has to work for Twitter now, it is thought that this could lead to financial conflict. In this case, you can get the responsibility of managing Twitter, Binita Agrawal, the wife of Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal. Being an important partner of Andresen’s company, Vinita can get this responsibility.

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Vinita has previously invested in many biotech and medical companies. However, there is speculation that Elon could remove her husband Parag from the post of CEO. In this case, if the pollen is removed and Binita comes to handle the responsibility of Twitter on behalf of the Andresen organization, it is thought that the complication may increase further. Musk said earlier that he did not believe in Twitter’s leadership. After that, there is speculation that pollen may lose its position. There has even been speculation that Elon himself may become CEO of Twitter in a few days.

Andersen Horowitz announced on Thursday that the company had agreed to invest Rs 3,006 crore on Twitter. Despite being meta-close, Andresen co-founder Ben Horowitz said in a tweet that Elon was probably the only person in the world who had the courage, intelligence and skill to solve Twitter problems.

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