Is it possible to take revenge by breaking the nose

Hearing Rathindranath’s words in 1971, ‘Paran’s friend … the rat ate the golden paddy of my field’, it seemed that if the country became independent, the hard working paddy would become the target of the farmer. Even today, there is no doubt about the hard work of paddy. More than 600 dams were to be completed in the last three months at a cost of around Tk 120 crore. Allegations of various irregularities and corruption have been raised.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

There were fears in the beginning. On the night of April 3, a journalist from Tahirpur quoted the upazila chairman as saying, ‘My chest is shaking. If the water rises further, it will be destroyed. ‘ After two days, one by one, the water started flowing through the dam, and the peasants, who were struggling due to lack of water, started to squirm. Two days later, when cracks appeared in the dam of PIC No. 55 at Shalla Huramandir Haor, people from four nearby villages started repairing the dam. Anxious to save the paddy, the agitated people found the member secretary of the said project within reach at that time. He smashed his nose. People know that there is no benefit in stepping on foot. But it is difficult to keep the heads of people in danger of losing everything.

The quiet, song-loving people of Haor are burning now. If they cannot protect this paddy, they will not have value. If the farmer’s dream of paddy with loan and everything is not fulfilled, he will have to emigrate. The wounds of 2016 have not been mourned yet, then the turn of breaking the dam of Baish has started. The condition of 373 haor dams in seven haor districts of the country is more or less the same. If the slope falls, there will be no protection.

The water resources minister told a press conference that out of a total of 223,000 hectares of land in Sunamganj district, only 5,000 hectares of land has been damaged. This would seem to be a ‘slight loss’ in terms of total and average statistics. Extreme defeat has taken place somewhere. Paddy of 3,500 hectares of land in Dirai upazila has been submerged. There are indications in the minister’s statement that the dam may break further. Water is leaking (‘sipage’) in 136 places.

People are fighting with danger
In Mohanganj, 14 farmers suddenly lost consciousness while throwing soil-filled sacks to repair the crop protection dam. Many continue to vomit. The two were sent to Mymensingh Medical College Hospital. The UNO said, “There may have been some kind of chemical in those plastic bags. You may be unconscious due to the effects of chemicals. It is necessary to ensure that such incidents do not happen again.

Local farmers have been fighting for four days to protect the Hamhamir embankment at Nalua Haor in Jagannathpur. The Water Development Board (Paubo) has started construction of another alternative dam at Sluicegate on Monday as the Hamhami Dam project of project No. 4 under Polder-1 in Nalua Haor of the Water Development Board has become risky on the instructions of the Planning Minister.

On 5 April, a breach occurred in the dam of Kirtankhola Haor in Khaliajuri Sadar Union at a distance of 8 km. Accompanied by local people, district and upazila administrations, water development boards, tried to protect the dam by throwing sandbags on bamboo poles. Now that the tendency to increase water has decreased, the fear of losing crops is a little less in people’s minds, but it has not been completely eliminated.

The whistle of compensation is sounding
According to the Ministry of Disaster Management, one thousand packets of daily commodities weighing 14 kg including rice, pulses, oil and sugar have been distributed to the affected farming families. Another one thousand packets have been sent for distribution. Needless to say, the farmer’s crop of the year has sunk.

Now the owner of most of the land does not cultivate the land at his own expense, he gives the land in advance to the farmer’s hawala. Are the names of these farmers in the government ledger? No, so the incentive relief reaches everyone sitting down and having fun sitting down.

Haor crop damage fires reach far-flung districts. Bangabandhu recorded the words of ‘Bhagalu’ who came to cut paddy with utmost care; Movement for them. They are on the page of ‘Unfinished Autobiography’.

During the Corona period, when there was a labor crisis, travel was restricted; Then UNO of Dirai brought Jamaluddin from Bhola by phone. The administration paid for his party’s arrival. UNO received the address from local farmers. Jamaluddin came to the haor area of ​​Sunamganj to harvest paddy with his team during the boro season. He has been harvesting paddy in Chapati Haor for twenty years. This time he has faced huge financial loss due to sinking of paddy. Who will put their name in the list of compensation? Where is the politician of that size? Many of the ‘Bhagalus’ who came to cut paddy died in accidents and were struck by lightning. In the last three years, about 11 Bhagalu’s have been killed by lightning.

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