Is Israeli torture-control increasing in Palestine?

Israeli torture in Palestine

How long is the history of the plight of Palestine? About 74 years old. If we go to calculate the day, it will be more. There has been a lot of talk about why this crisis has not been resolved in 64 years. However, no discussion reached a solution. Peace has not returned to Palestine. Most recently, Israeli police stormed the Al-Aqsa Mosque after Fajr prayers on Friday morning.

Such attacks are not new. Al-Aqsa will happen every year when Ramadan comes. Although international media quoted Israeli police as saying the latest attack, hundreds of Palestinians began throwing bricks and stones at Jewish places of worship near al-Aqsa after Friday morning prayers. In response, Israeli police used batons, rubber bullets, etc. to disperse the Palestinians, injuring more than 150 Palestinians.

This is not the first time Palestinians have been targeted. This has been going on for the last 64 years. And the statement from Israel never changes. International human rights groups, including Amnesty International, have called Israeli forces’ treatment of Palestinians “racist.” But even then, Israel’s crackdown on the Palestinians has not stopped, but has gradually subsided.

Last Friday’s Al-Aqsa incident was the latest example of the persecution of Palestinians, and Israel has begun to determine who will study and who will study in Palestinian higher education institutions. As a result, Israel oppresses the Palestinians in both torture and control.

Israeli torture in Palestine

Israel has got the courage to do this from two places. One. Israel’s internal support and two. The support and inaction of the international community. There has never been a discussion about whether the Israeli people have ever tried to understand the plight of the Palestinians, and if so, how it has manifested itself.

However, it is not that one or two Israeli human rights organizations have not taken the initiative at all. Several organizations, such as the Jerusalem-based human rights group Bethlehem, have spoken out against the Israeli aggression. But this number is negligible. Not only human rights organizations but also the Israeli media have failed to take a neutral position on this issue.

However, few media outlets have taken a stand against the Israeli position. Head of the Department of Political Science at the University of Gaza in Gaza and a researcher on Israel. Adnan Abu Amer wrote in an article in the London-based Middle East Monitor that “the Israeli media has proved the state (Israel) a failure by covering the recent Israeli attack on Palestine.”

Despite repeated accusations by human rights groups that Israel has carried out “racist” acts, the United States continues to support the country, and as a result, Israeli control over Palestine is tightening and widening.

The incident of Friday, the incident of torture of Palestinians every Ramadan is just an application of that system.

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