Is Israel really banning Jews from entering Al Aqsa

Is Israel really banning Jews from entering Al Aqsa?

To stop the ongoing violence, the Israeli government is going to ban Jews from entering the holy Al Aqsa until the end of the current month of Ramadan, which means 30 Ramadan. Israel is making the decision in the face of international pressure, according to Arab News, a Middle East-based news outlet.

According to the report, Israeli media quoted Yedioth Ahronth as saying that the government had decided to close the Al-Aqsa Door for Jewish settlers from April 22 until the last day of Ramadan, May 1. Only Muslims will be able to worship Al-Aqsa for a few days.

On Wednesday, Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett refused to allow Jewish right-wing MP Itamar Ben Gavir to rally in the Muslim-majority area of ​​Old Jerusalem. ..................................

Violence has erupted in Israel and the West Bank over the past few weeks, especially since the start of Ramadan. More than 160 people have been injured in clashes between Israeli forces and Muslims in al-Aqsa.

Is Israel really banning Jews from entering Al Aqsa

Meanwhile, Ben GVI called for a rally in the Old City of Jerusalem on Wednesday afternoon. However, on the advice of security forces, the Israeli prime minister detained him. In this regard, Prime Minister Bennett said, “I cannot tolerate any political activity that endangers people’s lives.”

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