IPL 2022: Rajasthan in the final for the second time, this time in the face of the hero, the hero of that time

He was retained by Rajasthan Royals in an auction before the start of the IPL. Joss Butler explains in every match how big that decision was. In the second qualifier, Rajasthan reached the final due to his great century. Butler scored four centuries in the IPL this time. He touched Virat Kohli. Wherever he is in the judgment of the run, it is virtually impossible for anyone else to touch him. As a result, his orange hat is almost certain.

The late Shane Warne, under whom Rajasthan reached the final for the first time, also got face to face in the final. Butler said, “Shane Warne is a very influential person in Rajasthan. The first season brought us success. I will miss him very much in the final. But I also know that Warne must be watching us from above. ”

In the context of his batting, Butler said that he could not have imagined that the season could go on like this. After the match, he said, “I went down to play with very low expectations this season. But yes, there was a lot of energy. After reaching the final today, it seems that I have played well. I want to divide this season into two halves. A good one. Bad now. I have been able to talk openly with people close to me, Kumar Sangakkara and Trevor Penny. ”

Why talk to these two people? Butler explained: Concentration was scattered. I talked to these two a week ago. Honestly, I went to Kolkata a lot before I went. The confidence I got back in that day’s match helped us. ”

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