How To Fix the iPhone Mail Notification Problem

After updating to iOS 15 and iPadOS 15, respectively, are Mail notifications no longer functioning on the iPhone and iPad? Only when you open the app do you learn that you have new emails waiting to be read? iPhone not getting email notifications

Although it is a widespread problem, it is also simply fixable as will be seen below.

Why Your iPhone mail notifications not working

Many readers of have complained that apple mail notifications not working. We were able to reproduce this situation, and we have determined that a default iCloud Mail notification setting is to blame.

How to Fix Broken Mail Notifications 

Even though notifications are set to be allowed with instant delivery on the lock screen, notification center, and banners under Mail. You won’t receive notifications when new emails are accessible if your iCloud account’s notifications are only set to Badges.

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  • Tap on Notifications after opening Settings. 
  • To find mail, scroll. 
  • At the bottom of the screen, select Customize Notifications. 
  • Instead of selecting Badges, tap the account you’re currently using and choose Alerts. 

Have you been able to fix the Mail notification issue? 

Here are six solutions to this problem

  1. Turn off iPhone focus 

A fantastic function that will improve your focus while you’re watching Netflix, working, relaxing, or sleeping. Focus may be to blame if you aren’t receiving notifications following the iOS 15 update. Before we try to repair the damage, let’s turn off Focus and see if more notifications start coming in.

  • To disable the active Focus, simply tap it. 
  • Additionally, you can open Control Center or navigate to Settings Focus and turn off Focus Mode there. Ask your friends or family to message you or send you a letter after you turn off the Focus to see if you received the notification or not. 
  • Continue to number 5 if notifications are still not functioning. You can choose to turn off Focus if you wish to always receive all notifications if they are arriving. 
  • Adjust the Focus mode setting to let certain contacts and apps ping you (check out the next solution).
  1. Enhance Focus with exclusions 

You must set up exceptions for contacts and applications that might bother you while you are focused. May, let’s fix that setting because it’s not ideal in every way. 

  • Select the Focus under Settings > Focus. 
  • Touch People – Add people you want to receive calls from, or tap on Calls From and choose Everyone, under the Allowed Notifications area. 
  • Apps – Add the apps you’re permitted to use and enable time-sensitive notifications.
  1. Disable the automation in Focus mode 

You can relax knowing that the Focus mode is disabled and that you will receive all notifications. Surprise, surprise—instead of being silent because of your popularity quotient, your gadget was silent for a while since the Focus is automatically enabled. 

Hmm! So let’s take care of that as well. 

  • Select the Focus under Settings > Focus. 
  • Select Smart Automation, time, location, or place under Turn On Automatically (depending upon automation previously set). 
  • Turn the automation off. 

Note: Tapping the Focus icon (the three dots adjacent to the Focus) will take you to the Focus settings page on the Lock Screen or Control Panel as well.


  1. Deactivate “Shared Across Devices” 

One of Focus’s many wonderful advantages is that it can be enabled across all Apple ecosystems. What if, though, you choose to use the Focus on your Mac or iPad but not your iPhone? 

  • Go to Focus under Settings. 
  • Turn off the share across devices switch. 
  • And with that, our misadventures involving Focus are over. It’s time to access the Notifications section right away.
  1. Activate Notification Summary Off 

Notification Summary only permits time-sensitive alerts to pass through in order to prevent disruption. Non-urgent alerts are automatically muted and then displayed at a predetermined time. However, while not being intended for that, it seems to be silencing all notifications. 

  • Select Notifications under Settings. 
  • Select Scheduled Summary. 
  • Turn the knob next to Scheduled Summary off.

If the issue still exists, try the following hack.

  1. Verify each app’s notification settings

We’ll have to examine each one separately if the issue is app-specific, meaning you aren’t getting notifications from that app. 

  • Scroll down to the app in Settings. 
  • Click on Notifications. 
  • Make sure the toggle for Allow Notifications is switched on. 
  • then decide either Scheduled Summary or Immediate Delivery. 
  • Toggle Sound on/off based on whether you want a chime to play when you receive notifications from the app. 

Reminder: Go to Settings Notifications go to the Notification Style section to view the notification settings for all apps at once. To change the setting, tap any app.

Leaving now! 

Hopefully, there are no issues with your iPhone Mail Notifications at this time.

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