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Information About Modicare Products

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Information About Modicare Products…………….

Modicare Products:- Modicare products are a household name in the Indian market. Back in 1996, Modicare started its journey as only a seven products company. Founded by Samir Modi, the brand now owns over 100+ products. Now the brand is a pan India name. In reality, Modicare operates in 2700 cities with 1 lac active consultants currently.

Modicare has opted for direct selling as the method. In 2020, Modicare became a name in the top 5 direct selling companies in India.Modicare offers products in the categories of Personal Care, Color Cosmetics & Skin Care, Home Care, Laundry Care, Agriculture, Auto Care, Nutrition, Food & Beverage and Health & Wellness. Modicare products are developed by the Company’s own highly experienced technical staff at its R&D centers.

About Modicare Products

India’s first direct selling company and a major player in the industry, Modicare is driven by a passion to empower the dreamer within people. Our story is led by leaders, innovators, philanthropists, and entrepreneurs who cared deeply about giving people the freedom to dream and the means to achieve them too. We’ve enabled people from all walks of life to dream beyond the ordinary by educating, exploring their potential and giving them a platform where they can rediscover their true selves, furthermore transform into successful entrepreneurs.

The transformation that Modicare has brought in the lives of people is not restricted to only financial freedom but it has also given them a chance to rediscover their confidence and realise their full potential.

How many products are in Modi care?

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Information About Modicare Products

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