Indoor Comfort Heating and Cooling Stopping Coronavirus Spread

People must understand that Coronavirus is a disease that seems not to go away soon. So, coping with the pandemic is the best defense against this virus. Everyone is coping with the pandemic in their way and especially the contractors providing indoor comfort heating and cooling services. The reason is that some people think this virus, bacteria, and germs spread through the HVAC system. One thing that has to be understood is that there is no solid evidence that the virus spreads through the air conditioner.

Indoor Comfort Heating And Cooling Companies Stopping Coronavirus

Under different circumstances, the COVID-19 virus particles can remain in the air for more than forty-eight hours. They can also travel further distances when the wind blows. If the wind is blowing strong, then the HVAC unit might catch the virus, and it can enter the properties. So, to avoid any inconvenience, the following tips must be followed.

Minimize the Use of an Air Conditioning Unit

The weather is often pleasant and cold, so keeping the HVAC unit running isn’t wise. It has been advised to minimize the use of an HVAC unit to avoid health consequences like itchy skin, dehydration, headaches, breathing problems, and allergies.

Hiring Different Services for Cool Comfort Solutions

Another way that you could stop the spread of the virus with the help of HVAC companies is to hire various services like air conditioning repair, installation, replacement, and maintenance. These services will help homeowners to keep their HVAC well-maintained and improve the quality of air inside.

Focus Attention on Air Filters

The main purpose of air filters in an HVAC unit is to keep the bacteria, dirt, dust, germs, and viruses trapped in the fabric and only allow purified air to enter the property. The HVAC contractors like Indoor Comfort Solutions focus on cleaning the filters monthly.

Installation Staff Equipped with the Right Safety Gear

The different air conditioning installation companies in Atlanta have the duty of protecting the clients in their homes and safeguarding their employees’ well-being. The safety gear the employees must have must include a protective suit, facial masks, goggles, gloves, and air filtering masks.

Situations Might Worsen the Spread of COIV-19 Pandemic

If someone comes up to you and says that the Coronavirus is spreading because of the HVAC system installed, you should never believe them. The main reason is that no scientific evidence indicates this statement to be true. But it has to be understood that certain situations could worsen the spread.

Unable to Hire Air Conditioning Repair Services

Things like dirt, dust, micro-organisms, germs, bacteria, and viruses can gather inside the HVAC units. Not cleaning them will increase the risk of disease development and might cause the spread of the Coronavirus. It is important for the air conditioning contractor in Atlanta, GA, to use the cleaning products recommended by different health organizations.

Ignoring the Maintenance of Air Filters

Ignoring the maintenance and cleaning of the air filters is important if you want to keep the Coronavirus and other bacteria, germs, and harmful micro-organisms from entering the property. The air filters must be cleaned monthly and changed every three months if necessary.

The Air Conditioner is Constantly Running

If the HVAC system is constantly running, the unit must push to the limit, and harmful particles come through the air filters. The HVAC unit should get some rest and has to stop running constantly. This should be made a practice on days when the weather is pleasant.

These are some important ways that indoor comfort heating and cooling companies will help stop the spread of the Coronavirus.

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