India and France want an end to the conflict in Ukraine

India and France want an end to the conflict in Ukraine

India and France have issued a joint statement calling for an immediate end to the conflict in Ukraine. During his visit to France, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi met President Emanuel Makhon at his official residence Elysee Palace on Wednesday. The two leaders called for an end to the conflict in Ukraine.

In a statement, France condemned Russia’s attack on Ukraine. However, Modi did not condemn Russia for attacking Ukraine. But in a joint statement, both Modi and Makhon expressed deep concern over the humanitarian crisis in the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. ......................

Modi arrived in the French capital Paris on Wednesday on a three-day visit to Europe. Earlier, he visited Germany and Denmark. He is scheduled to return home on Thursday.

India imports most of its sophisticated military equipment from Russia, a country that has long maintained a diplomatic balance with Russia and the West. India has refused to issue a letter condemning Russia or voting against the country for attacking Ukraine.

France, meanwhile, has condemned Russian troops for “illegal and unjustified aggression in Ukraine.” But both countries have said the war could exacerbate the global food crisis. Ukraine is one of the world’s largest wheat producers.

Prior to the dialogue, France described relations between the two countries as “trustworthy”. A joint statement issued by the two countries later said that the two countries were keen to strengthen strategic Franco-Indian relations, especially Indo-Pacific relations.

India has purchased a number of Rafale warplanes and six submarines from France. It is also cooperating with Paris on civilian nuclear projects. On the other hand, the French state-owned energy company ADF wants to build six next generation EPR reactors on the west coast of India.

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