In India, a Bangladeshi teenager was jailed for buying chocolate

The boy's name is Eman Hossain. But with the help of chocolate, Eman's campaign came to a halt and he was caught by the BSF.

The boy had 100 Bangladeshi rupees in his pocket. With that, he moved from Comilla, Bangladesh to a shop in the village of Kalamchora in Tripura. He swam a long way across a river. At the risk, the barbed wire fence has been crossed by evading the border guards. Just say she will buy her favorite chocolate. Which is not found in his own country Bangladesh, only in India.

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The boy’s name is Eman Hossain. But with the help of chocolate, Eman’s campaign came to a halt and he was caught by the BSF. He told the border guards he had no other intention but to buy chocolate. But the BSF did not believe him. They handed him over to the police. He was later taken to court and remanded in custody for 15 days. A case was also filed against the Bangladeshi teenager for crossing the border illegally.

According to the police, it is being investigated whether there is any other reason for Eman to come to India. However, at the same time, the police also said that nothing more than 100 rupees in Bangladeshi currency was found in the search of Eman. He had nothing illegal. He was arrested for entering India without proper documents.

However, such incidents often happen at the Bangladesh border. It is not a new thing for the people of Bangladesh to enter the Indian border to buy food or necessities. A lot of the time, people come to see the cultural programs on the shores of the thorns.

Eman was caught in Sonamura near the Bangladesh-India border on April 13. He will be taken to court again on the 28th. The SDPO of Sonamura said that the court will decide the future of Eman.

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