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Important Dates About Raksha Bandhan In 2022

Rakhi Celebration 2022

Raksha Bandhan is a wonderful festivity to commemorate the affection and bonding between brothers and sisters. This day is about pouring your heartfelt affection, care, and warmth into your brothers and sisters. The love and connection shared between a brother and sister can perform miracles. This promising Hindu festivity happens in August every year. Multiple people tend to get perplexed with the date of this promising festival. As soon as August reaches, they start making plans for Raksha Bandhan. They usually search the dates on online websites to get answers to their questions, like on which date is Raksha Bandhan in 2022? Just go through this blog and learn about all the dates and timings.


When is rakhi celebrated in 2022?


If you are also browsing for the precise date and time to celebrate rakhi 2022, the answer is 11th August. Rakhi festivity will be commemorated on Thursday, 11th August in 2022. This wonderful siblinghood festival is commemorated in the sacred month of Monsoon. Sister applies a tikka on her brother’s forehead, adorns his wrist with attractive rakhi, and prays for his good health and prosperity. Nonetheless, this sacred celebration must be commemorated on a specific Muhurat according to the Hindu civilization.


Raksha Bandhan is commemorated on the full moon day, i.e., Purnima of Shravan month, as per the Hindu calendar. This year, the Raksha Bandhan 2022 date drops on the 11th of August, as spoken of before. Nonetheless, there are numerous reasons why Rakhi Purnima 2022 or annually is commemorated on the full moon day itself. There are numerous festivities or stories of this unique festival that drops with Rakhi Purnima date 2022. Towards the west side of India, Purnima of Shravan month is studied as Nariyeli Purnima when coconuts are offered to water bodies like streams to impress God Varun. In the Northern India, which oversees the country in farming, commemorates Kajri Purnima on this specific day when they pursue blessings from mother nature and then spread barley and wheat. The broad point is all these dates overlap with the festivity of Raksha Bandhan.


Another significant point is for many years we have utilized the natural clock understood as the moon to specify the date of our festivities and that is why Rakhi Poornima 2022 and all other years are commemorated on the full moon day. 

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Muhurat For Raksha Bandhan 2022 (Rakhi Purnima-2022):


It is important to knot the rakhi on the Shubh Muhurat to honor your siblingship with affection and happiness. Here are the precise details of Raksha Bandhan time and Muhurat.


Shubh muhurat to knot the rakhi – 6:07 AM to 5:59 PM

Aparahan time for Raksha Bandhan – 1:48 PM to 4:22 PM

Perfect time for Purnima tithi – 6:55 PM to 9:10 PM


You can commemorate this auspicious festivity by knotting rakhi on these Shubh time slots. Start prepping up with your beautiful thalis, rakhis, and delicious sweets to make it an extraordinary day with your brothers and sisters. Rakhi should be fastened on the wrist of the right hand, and if you knot a rakhi to your sister-in-law or sister, you should fasten it on the wrist of their left hand. So, on this occasion of Raksha Bandhan, wish the best for your dearest brother and sister. 


Importance Of Raksha Bandhan:


In historical times, people used to fasten the holy and religious rakhi thread on the wrist of their dearest brothers to prevent every evil eye from them. Also, the monks used to adorn the hand of their visitors with religious rakhi threads and receive blessings in return. This is a unique occasion to make wonderful memories with your brothers and sisters. You can plan out a special outing, play games, watch movies, go out shopping or buy rakhi gifts and flowers bouquet online.


Capping Words:


Commemorate the happiness of this joyous occasion by festooning your brother’s wrist with wonderful and attractive rakhis obtainable at online shops and outlets. Nonetheless, if you will be commemorating the rakhi festivity in numerous cities or countries, you can seek options like online rakhi delivery from various online portals. You can deliver beautiful rakhis along with delicious sweets and chocolates to make it a heartwarming celebration for you and your siblings. You can send flowers online to Canada to your beloved brother who stays far away. With the assistance of several online outlets, you can add some delightful sweets and delights to make the festivity memorable. So, celebrate your day to the maximum as you commemorate this heartfelt festivity with your sweet siblings. 


Convey your heartwarming Raksha Bandhan wishes with a beautiful flower bouquet or a special rakhi gift for your adorable sister. Make your siblings feel their importance in your life. They will feel heartily grateful and loved after receiving so much love and affection on this auspicious occasion. We hope that this blog has provided you with all the information that you wanted to learn about Raksha Bandhan.


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