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Importance of Septic Tanks in Residential Setups

A septic tank is a system that is built by individuals all around the world by an individual to maintain a clean and hygienic setup in their homes. This underground setup is generally made of plastic, concrete, or fiberglass.

Sewage issues are common in every household and this is one thing that should be treated rightfully otherwise it can cause serious health issues. This is a big reason why individuals hire a plumber in Visalia CA to unclog the sewers which can clog pretty fast due to receiving soil. This system is also great for the purification process of leaching and soil percolation.

It is very important to make the right choice when choosing a material for a septic tank as it is generally a one-time investment, it can even last for generations if it is made of the best quality materials and installed correctly by skilled professionals.


What are the typical septic tank installation mistakes?

After investing their time and money into making a septic tank, installation mistakes are the last thing that an individual will want to encounter. These issues can occur due to a lack of knowledge or hiring unskilled professionals, this is why it is extremely important for homeowners to search “septic service near me” for understanding which companies have the best set of professionals who can successfully and efficiently install a septic tank and perform other services related to it.

Some of the most common septic tank installation problems are listed below to make it easier for homeowners at identifying them.

  • Not obtaining the right permit – It is very important for the service-providing company to obtain a proper permit before they start the process of installing a septic tank, as without it an installer may run into legal problems with the officials of the city or state. Due to this, an individual can face a lot of financial issues as they will have to pay more money for representing at the court for resolving the issue which will ultimately make the whole process more lengthy. Moreover, a permit is extremely important for protecting the health of other individuals and animals who will use the tank or lives near the site. Investing in wastewater treatment coverage insurance is also extremely important for protecting both the individual and the service-providing company against legal issues.
  • Incorrect soil & pollution test – Before a septic tank installation company starts the installation process, it is extremely important for them to perform necessary soil tests like percolation tests to ensure the quality of soil meets the basic requirements set by the local health department. This is important because a septic tank completely relies on the soil present around the tank to treat the liquid residue in a natural way without contaminating water or leaking into it. Moreover, improperly installing a septic tank by an unskilled professional may result in polluting the surrounding waterways. It can also result in increasing the expenses of an individual as they will have to pay fines to the local government agencies for mismanagement of waste. This is a big reason why individuals like to hire the best plumber in Visalia, CA for this process.
  • Improper execution excavation – Installers may face issues of installing a septic tank at the wrong depth if they don’t excavate the septic tank site properly and level the base out before they went on to set the tank. It is important for providing proper space to allow for compaction and backfilling while providing a safe working environment for the working crew. Moreover, excavation and installation should be scheduled after considering which time slot has a low impact on the surrounding area.


Why is septic tank maintenance essential?

The main purpose of a septic tank is to create a quiet zone for collecting sewage and allowing the separation process of sludge from the water. This sludge can decrease the working capacity of a tank if it’s not maintained from time to time. Some of the benefits of regular tank maintenance are listed below.

  • Keeps home clean & free of waste – Regular maintenance of the septic tank can help in preventing any backflow of waste into the yard and home of an individual. It will also help in eliminating any smell related to sewage backflow. Moreover, this backflow can also damage the wood or tiles present in the property. This is one big reason why homeowners always prefer hiring a skillful plumber in Visalia CA for doing routine maintenance of their residential septic tank.
  • Improves the value of the home – It is a common practice for homeowners to search for “septic service near me” when they are considering selling their house. This happens because new homeowners tend to be more interested in houses that maintain a proper hygienic condition and have an effective septic tank system. A good record of regular septic tank maintenance from a reputable service provider can help in increasing the value of a home while attracting potential buyers.
  • Environment friendly – If untreated sewage gets into the clean water of lakes or rivers then it can affect the health of the animals and individuals who use that water. Proper and time-to-time maintenance of tanks can help both in keeping the environment and the health of individuals safe. Moreover, it will also keep an individual safe from getting into any problems with the local authorities.


Key takeaways

A septic tank is an essential part of a house for maintaining healthy conditions. Additionally, it is also necessary to properly maintain the tank with a help of a skilled plumber in Visalia CA otherwise one day they will find a huge pool of sewage in their home which will do nothing but create more problems for them. Not maintaining the proper condition of the tank can also result in damaging existing wood or tile on the property. Proper maintenance of the tank will help in guaranteeing decades of use without any occurrence of issues.

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