‘Ilhan Omar’s visit to Pakistani Kashmir is private’

Explaining Ilhan Omar’s visit to Pakistan-occupied Kashmir, a US congressman of Somali descent, the United States said it was a “mere informal” visit. It has nothing to do with the US government.

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After the visit, Ilhan Omar, a member of President Joe Biden’s Democratic Party, said the United States should pay more attention to Kashmir. India has strongly condemned his remarks.

A recent meeting between US lawmaker Ilhan Omar and ousted Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan and his “private” visit to Pakistan-occupied Kashmir did not in any way represent the US government, a US official said.

Speaking to ANI, Derek Cholett, an adviser to US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, said: “This is an unofficial private visit that does not imply any change in policy by the US government. ‘

India on Thursday condemned Omar’s visit to Pakistan-occupied Kashmir as a violation of India’s territorial integrity and sovereignty, saying it reflected his “narrow-minded” politics.

Congress member Ilhan Omar will pay a four-day visit to Pakistan from April 20. On Wednesday, he met with former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan and visited a part of Pakistan-occupied Kashmir. Pakistan calls this part ‘Azad’ or independent Kashmir.

After his visit to Pakistan-controlled Kashmir, Ilhan Omar told reporters, “I don’t think the Congress is talking about this (Kashmir) … and the government is talking as much as it needs to.” ‘

Condemning Ilhan Omar’s visit to Pakistani Kashmir, Indian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Arindam Bagchi told reporters at a media briefing in New Delhi: But if India’s territorial integrity and sovereignty are violated, it becomes our subject. We think this tour is reprehensible. ‘

Ilham Omar, elected to the US House of Representatives from Minnesota, is the first US lawmaker to visit Islamabad since Pakistan’s new government took office. Omar also criticized Imran Khan for meeting with him after accusing Washington of plotting to overthrow his government. Asked specifically how the United States views the meeting, Blinken’s adviser Cholet said: “The congressman’s visit was personal. The State Department did not assist in organizing it. So I don’t have much to comment on. Because it was done from his personal position. ‘

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