IAS Posting: What does IAS get the first post, which is the biggest post, know

  IAS Posting: Civil service is one of the most prestigious services in the country, and most of the youth also dream of becoming Indian Administrative Service (IAS). But, do you know which one gets the first post after becoming an IAS and which is the highest post? Through this article, we will learn about all these things. Join the best IAS coaching in Dehradun for a better future. IAS Posting: Most of the youth have the dream of becoming IAS by cracking the civil service. However, very rare youths are able to make this dream come true because it is very difficult to pass this exam. This is the reason why this exam is one of the most difficult exams in the country. However, have you ever wondered what post he gets when a person becomes an Indian Administrative Service after cracking Civil Service? At the same time, what is the biggest post of an IAS? If not, today we will tell you about the journey of an IAS through this article, in which how and in which positions he moves forward after passing the exam. First of all, we know that after cracking the civil service, all the officers are trained at Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration (LBSNAA) in Mussoorie. After the foundation course here, officials of the rest of the services except the IAS go to their respective academies. Only IAS officers get their full training here. After completion of training from the academy, the district training in the allotted cadre of officers. After completion of training here, the officials start their career as Deputy District Magistrates in the state, which we also call SDM. On getting the appointment of SDM, the IAS officer has the responsibility of handling the law and order of the tehsil.  

After district training work for three months at the center

After completion of district training, I AS officers are sent to work in the central government for 3 months. Here the officers are given the post of Assistant Secretary. After that, he is given responsibility for other posts in another department. Let us also tell you that IAS officers are also appointed in ministries. During their work here, he is given important work in the World Bank, The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, Asian Development Bank, International Manetri Fund, and United Nation and its agencies on deputation. This gives the authorities a chance to make India’s context with abroad. Now we are going to tell you about some posts found in the Final Posting to the IAS officer.  

IAS officer gets posts in a field posting

-Aj District Magistrate -Apar District Magistrate -Ars of District Magistrate -Prust IAS gets posts in the state government -Under Secretary -Deputy Secretary -Joint Secretary -Special Secretary -Secretary -principal Secretary -Chief Secretary Let us tell you that at the state level, the Chief Secretary is the highest position of the Indian Administrative Service officer, who is included in the important policies at the state level by staying in the government.  

IAS received posts in the central government

-assistant Secretary -Upper Secretary -Deputy Secretary -Director -Joint Secretary -Additional Secretary -Secretary -Cabinet Secretary of India That is, the Cabinet Secretary in the Government of India is the highest position for an Indian Administrative Service officer. Sitting here, the officer is a partner of the policy maker of the entire country and the policies prepared by him affect the whole country. This is the reason why this post is the largest post at the administrative level in the cabinet, where not every IAS officer arrives. Because it takes a long time to reach here. At the same time, some officials retire in advance due to their age limit. In such a situation, the person who must have become an IAS officer at a very young age is more likely to reach this post.

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