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‘I work for rice but can’t eat rice’

The heroines have to be very careful about eating to keep fit. Although eating rice is a traditional habit of Bengalis, many people do not eat this rice month after month. Nusrat Faria, the heroine of Dhaliwood and Tollywood movies, has recently given status to the regret of not being able to eat rice.

Faria writes, ‘I work for rice but I can’t eat rice.’ After writing it, she wrote with the hashtag ‘Actress Life’.

There is a saying that ‘figures like heroines’. In the opinion of common people, the heroine is a slim figure. Do not eat rice for fear of fat in the body of the heroine. Everyone wants to have a beautiful figure like the heroines. However, many may not want to make the sacrifice behind it.

The heroines have to be very careful in taking food to keep the fitness right. It is seen that eating rice is a traditional habit of Bengalis but they do not eat this rice for months.

Those who are interested in Nusrat Faria may have an idea about his lifestyle. She is not like the other eight ten heroines of Dhakai movie. He is very conscious about his fitness. Sweat regularly at the gym to keep yourself fit. Diet-friendly food list. It goes without saying that there is no rice in the list.

Meanwhile, Nusrat Faria is regularly acting in two Bengali films. It is learned that Nusrat Faria is currently staying in Kolkata. He is taking part in several stage shows there. Advertising will also start.

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Apart from this, Faria has recently completed her work as a presenter in a program called ‘The Box’. The scene of the three-day program was recorded from April 8 to 10. Although Nusrat Imrojatisha did the previous two seasons of this show, this time Nusrat Faria is in his place.

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