I will not give up the amount of yarn in Ukraine: Zelensky

“We will not allow anyone to occupy our yarn,” said Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

He made the remarks in an interview with CNN. It is broadcast on Sunday. News from Al Jazeera.

He said the outcome of the fighting in the former Donbass region would determine the direction of the whole war.

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Ukraine’s president has warned that Russia could try to take control of Kiev if it can seize control of the region.

Zelensky said the most important thing now is not to give them a chance, now is the time to build resistance. Because, this fight can turn the whole war around.

“Because I do not trust the Russian army or its leader,” he said. We realized, we fought them, so they left; They left Kiev — the northern part and Chernihiv as well. This does not mean that if they can occupy Donbass, they will not return to Kiev.

The President of Ukraine has invited US President Joe Biden to visit Kiev.

“I think he will come,” she said. But of course this is his decision. I think he’s the leader of the United States, and he should come here just to see what’s going on.

Zelensky, meanwhile, called on French President Emmanuel Macron to visit Ukraine to see evidence of “genocide” carried out by Russian forces.

Earlier in the day, Macroe refused to call the Russian military’s atrocities “genocide .”

On February 24, Russia launched an offensive in Ukraine to defend the Donbass region. Since then, Moscow has targeted the east, launching a series of attacks in various parts of the country, including Kiev.

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