‘I had a terrible experience at a young age’

There is an open space on the opposite side of the alley at Panthapath Square Hospital. This is known as Tentultala field. Local children play there.

Besides, various social programs including Eid prayers and janaza are held in the field. Initiatives have been taken to construct a permanent building of Kalabagan police station in this field. Locals have been protesting since the matter came to light in January.

When bricks were thrown in the field on Sunday morning, Syeda Ratna went live on Facebook. At one stage, the police arrested him around 11 pm. Later, when his son came out of the house on the street, he was also taken away.

Khushi Kabir, a human rights activist, Syeda Rizwana Hasan, chief executive of Bangladesh Environmental Lawyers (BELA) Association, and Arif Noor, general secretary of Dhaka metropolis of Udichi, went to the field at around 2 pm after receiving the news of their arrest. Later in the night, local residents, human rights activists and leaders and activists of Udichi Shilpigosti staged a protest in front of Kalabagan Police Station demanding release of mother and son. Syeda Ratna is a member of Udichi.

Police left the mother and son around 12:30 pm in the face of protests. After her release, Syeda Ratna’s son told Prothom Alo: Too much jumping will be a problem. ”

However, he was not mistreated after being taken to the police station, said the HSC student of Ideal College. “I had such a horrible experience at a young age,” he said.

Earlier, on January 31, the police grabbed the ears of some children who were going to play at the Tentultala ground in Kalabagan. Four policemen were withdrawn after the video spread on social media.

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