Husband was released on parole for 15 days at the request of his wife

Mohsin Kabir: [2] Wife wants to be a mother. The husband is serving a life sentence. In this situation, a woman approached the Jodhpur High Court seeking the right to motherhood. Anandabazar.

[3] Responding to the woman’s plea, the high court ruled that her husband would be released on parole for 15 days. She will be given the opportunity to conceive for that period. The court thinks it is his right. The law cannot deprive any woman of this right.

A man named Nandalal was sentenced to life imprisonment by a Vilwara court in Rajasthan in a murder case. He was imprisoned for several years. Recently, his wife Rekha approached the Jodhpur High Court. Rekha’s appeal, she wants to be a mother. This is not possible as the husband is in jail. Childbearing is one of the primary rights of a woman. Jodhpur High Court Judge Sandeep Mehta said the woman’s claim was justified. The court observed that Nandalal’s stay in jail was affecting his wife’s life. But Rekha did not do anything wrong. As a result, his claim has been accepted by the court.

[5] The court held that procreation and preservation were part of Indian culture and religious philosophy. The law has also kept an eye on it. Following the release on parole, the court drew attention to Hindu scriptures, particularly the Rig Veda, and Judaism, Christianity and Islam. The court said Nandalal could get parole.

[6] The purpose of releasing a prisoner on parole is also to re-encourage him to return to the mainstream of society peacefully. After a thorough investigation, the Jodhpur High Court ordered the release of Nandalal, 34, for 15 days. Incidentally, Nandalal was granted parole for 20 days earlier. The court was happy that he had surrendered after the expiration of his term as well as good behavior at that time.

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