Huong Lan Vietnamese Restaurant

You might be wondering what to expect when dining at a Vietnamese restaurant. In this article I will share some information about Huong Lan, a family-owned restaurant in the heart of downtown Seattle. First of all, it is rated 4.5 on Google. Second, you can choose to eat in or take out. You can also order food to go or enjoy the relaxing atmosphere outdoors. If you are looking for a new dining experience in Seattle, Huong Lan is worth trying.

Huong Lan is a family-owned business

If you’re looking for a place to enjoy authentic Vietnamese cuisine, Huong Lan in Nanaimo is worth a try. You can enjoy Pho or other Vietnamese favorites, order takeout, or simply dine in. Huong Lan’s menu changes constantly, reflecting the diverse range of comfort food around the world. In addition to their menu, they also offer a full bar, so you can enjoy a cocktail or a beer while you wait for your food.

The original Sacramento location closed in 2006, but Huong Lan is still in operation in Folsom. They serve Vietnamese and American sandwiches, as well as bubble tea, spring rolls, and other fried items. They also have an extensive menu of Asian desserts, as well as a selection of drinks and assorted fried foods. For dessert, you can order a flan or a huge tapioca drink.

It is rated on Google 4.5

You can find out what people are saying about Huong Lan Vietnamese Restaurant on Google by going to their website. The restaurant offers Vietnamese food in a comfortable setting. Huong Lan has been rated 4.5 on Google. This restaurant serves authentic Vietnamese dishes in a comfortable setting. The menu changes regularly. There are several vegetarian options as well. The restaurant is located in the heart of Downtown Vancouver. It is easy to find by car or public transportation.

For drinks, try one of the many local Vietnamese restaurants. Huong Lan serves Vietnamese food and takeout. Drinks at Huong Lan include grand marnier, iced tea, fruit tea, and root beer. Customers can also enjoy Vietnamese coffee, bubble tea, and fruit tea. Huong Lan is rated 4.5 on Google by guests. The menu changes seasonally. The prices are reasonable, too. Huong Lan has a friendly, knowledgeable staff, and they serve both Vietnamese and Chinese food.

It offers takeout or delivery

If you’re in the mood for something a little different, Huong Lan Vietnamese Restaurant is the place for you. With both delivery and takeout options, you can enjoy the restaurant’s delicious Vietnamese cuisine at your own pace. This restaurant’s eclectic menu includes everything from pho to spring rolls. The restaurant serves a range of Vietnamese specialties and drinks, including biodynamic wine. For vegetarians, there are many dishes for vegetarians, as well.

This family-run restaurant serves authentic Vietnamese dishes, like pho, to its local residents. Whether you’re in the mood for a family dinner or an upscale dinner out with friends, Huong Lan Vietnamese is sure to please. The restaurant also offers quick delivery options, making it ideal for parties and other gatherings. The pho soup and other dishes are made with fresh ingredients and are perfect for sharing. The restaurant also offers delivery or takeout, which means you can get your favorite dish without having to leave your home.

It has outdoor seating

Outdoor seating is one of the many benefits of Huong Lan Vietnamese Restaurant. This restaurant serves authentic Vietnamese dishes in a casual setting. Guests can enjoy the fresh air while dining outdoors in the warmer months. This restaurant also features a bar and an extensive wine list. You can also enjoy the Vietnamese dishes while sipping on a cocktail. Here are some of the main benefits of outdoor seating at this restaurant:

The restaurant’s name is derived from a popular flower in Vietnam and the name of a famous Vietnamese singer. The owners of Huong Lan wanted to open an outdoor location near Community Regional Medical Center, so they put up a sign that said “downtown” in Vietnamese. The restaurant is open seven days a week from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. The food is excellent and the prices are reasonable.

It offers pho

The casual atmosphere at this Vietnamese restaurant makes it a great choice for families, couples, and singles alike. Here you’ll find pho, bun bo hue, and many other delicious dishes from Vietnam in a warm and inviting atmosphere. You can even order a takeaway to go. A large menu is also available. You can even order a large group’s share of pho in advance. The pho is served family style so you can enjoy it with family or friends.

If you’re looking for authentic Vietnamese food, this Georgetown shop is the place for you. Not only does it serve pho, but it also serves sandwiches, rice bowls, noodle bowls, salad bowls, and a variety of other Vietnamese fare. The service is courteous and efficient. The staff will even guide you to your table if you’re not able to make it in person. This restaurant also offers catering services.

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