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How you can buy Indian handcrafted items online in the USA


India is a land of rich culture and heritage. Renowned for its jaw-dropping arts and crafts, specially handcrafted items. People in the USA and several other countries are enthusiasts of Indian handicraft items.

 However, people willing to buy Indian handcrafted items in the USA do not know where to buy them. There is a vast range of handmade items available in online retail stores. The e-commerce sites and online businesses have made it far more accessible for people to reach these beautiful handmade products in India and buy them without any trouble. 


What makes Indian Handcrafted Items so popular in the USA?


Not only in the USA, but Indian handcrafted products are also popular and admired by people across the globe. Indian handmade items are so popular that people are always eager to buy them. The main reason behind the enormous popularity of Indian handicrafts is how aesthetically they capture and describe the rich Indian culture. People love to buy Indian handcrafted products because of their excellent quality material.

People love to buy Indian handcrafted products because of their excellent quality material.


People in the USA buy handmade crafts from India because the beauty of these products is so appealing that no one can resist them. Most handcrafted items are environment-friendly products. That is why they attract so many admirers. 


All the handcrafted items and products are unique; crafts from different regions of India reflect a separate culture. These handmade items have interesting stories behind them. The items require complete attention and care for durability and withstand time.


Presently artisans in India know the worth of their work and run small online businesses where one can buy handmade products online in India directly from the crafters.


Where can you buy Indian handcrafted products online in the USA?


There are numerous online stores and small online handicrafts businesses in India from where you can buy handicrafts in the USA or any other country. Various online stores and businesses ship handcrafted items worldwide. All you need to Google is “how to buy Indian handcrafted items in the USA,” and visit some portals or stores. You will find your desired Indian handmade product for your friends or yourself. 

There are a lot of handicraft stores present in India, yet they have not got the recognition that they deserve. Either because tourists cannot reach them or are unable to make their presence in the online market. 


However, there are some legitimate stores or government-approved Indian handicraft shops where you can buy the desired product without any concern. Here are some of the Indian handicraft shops approved by the government of India to sell handcrafted items. In addition, many stores or companies like Kala Madhyam, Rajasthali, and Dili Hat offer exclusive Indian handmade products.


Moreover, you can also buy handmade crafts online from India in the USA from popular trade networks such as SilkRute. It provides authentic Indian Handcrafted products, with shipments available across the world. 

The products displayed on the website connect you directly with the artisans for a fair trade route.


Tips to guide you buy the right handcrafted items for your home:


Handcrafted items are unique irrespective of their utility wares or decorative handicrafts. Indian handicrafts have their place in the international market. 

So, before you jump to buy Indian handcrafted items online, consider things like your budget, your desired quality, whether you have space for these items or not, and many more things. Every handcrafted in India describes different things through its art and pattern. A handmade item can be aesthetic or purely practical, or both simultaneously. 

Here are some tips that can help you to buy perfect Indian handicrafts online:


Research well about handicrafts:

Before buying handmade products in India, do proper research on them first. It is essential to know what significance the handicraft has or what does it reflects. Get to see if you can find more varieties in the same product or not. 


Make space for handicrafts in your home:

Select a handicraft according to the available space at your home. Do proper research on whether the items you want to purchase fit the vibe of your home or not.


Determine your budget:

A few items could be expensive due to their detailed work and creativity. That is why considering your budget before selecting a desired handicraft product for your home is essential.


Explore all the online stores:

When looking for handcrafted items from online stores, explore beyond the horizons. Search more details about the product, and compare its specifications from different sites. You can explore SilkRute, an e-commerce marketplace that provides Indian handcrafted items globally.



We hope this guide helped you with how you can buy Indian handcrafted items in the USA online. Make your home and surroundings more ethnic and spellbinding by purchasing handicraft items.

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