How to Write A Notice Writing ? Examples and Formats for Various Places

How to Write A Notice Writing ?

What is Notice Writing?

Notice is generally written or printed information or news announcement. Notifications are displayed on the notice board or newspapers or magazines meant for a select group or the general public.

The note contains precise information or declaration; its tone and style are formal and factual. The language of notice should be structured and straightforward. Notification is always short and to the point.

Format of a Notice writing

Since notice is a formal document, it should follow a format or a structure. Here is the form that most of the notices use.

1. Name of Issuing Authority / Organization

At the very top, the name of the organization or the name of the person issuing the notice is printed. It helps the reader to identify whether the notification is important or unimportant to the particular person.

2. Title

When writing a notice, the title is to be mentioned as “NOTICE” in bold letters at the top. It helps to draw attention to the document. Notices are generally posted on public display boards or published in newspapers.

3. Date

The date is always print to the left-hand side on which the notices are published. As this is a formal document, the date is an essential aspect as it has to be documented and is kept on record.

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4. Heading for the notice

The appropriate heading should be considered for the notices. The heading should make it clear the purpose of the notice.

5. Body of the notice

After the heading, a brief and to the point body of the notice. The body contains the main feature of the notice.

6. Writer’s Name

At the bottom of the notice, the name and the designation of the notice issuer is mention. As the notice has to be signed by the same person to lend authority and validity of the notice.

The content of the notice should contain some of the essential points that need to be communicated to the people too whom the notice has been an issue.

  1. What – The notice should be clear what it is about; this is the core of the message and should be written very clearly.
  2. Where – If the notice is about an event, it should mention where it is being conducted. The venue of the location is an important detail, so ensure that is included in the notice.
  3. When – The time and date of the event should be mention on the notice. If possible, the extent of the event should be mention so that people who are attending the event can schedule their time accordingly.
  4. Who – This will be who the notice is the address to; Who all are supposed to adhere to the notice should be mentioned to avoid confusion.


  • you are the editor your school magazine ,draft a notice for your school notice board inviting articles , poems , jokes , sketches etc, from the students for your school magazine , sign as neha ./ neeraj secretary of cultural activities ,. SKV, vikash puri
  • the cultural club of DAV public school noida is organising a talent hunt:” evening pt, ravi shankar the eminent vocalist will be the guest of honour . as mridual / mridul , the secretary of the cultural club, draft a notice to inform the students and invite their nemes with details . draft a notice in not more than 50 words .
  • as the head boy / head girl of mother mary public school dilshad garden , delhi , you are organising a career counselling session for XI & XII students of your school, write a notice giving details of it to be displayed on your school notice board ,
  • you are mrs, R. ganguly, the sr, art and craft teacher of Riverdale high school, assam, draft a notice in about 50 words to inform students about an art and craft mela that will be held in the school premises , mention other necessary details .

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  • you are seema / sumit secretary of a health clunb, draft notice for the members informing them about the change in timings of yoga classes in summers also provide other related detailsin about 50 words.




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