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How to Wash Special Fabric bed Sheets?

Certain bed sheets might require specific washing methods. Silk linen, satin, linen, and TENCEL require various washing techniques.

Silk & Satin

It is recommended to utilize a special detergent designed for delicate fabrics while washing satin and silk bed sheets. For these particular fabrics make sure you wash them using gentle cycles with cold water. Do not mix heavier fabric with silk sheets because this could result in the formation of snags.

Do not use any kind of chemical additive or bleach while washing silk sheets because this could cause damage to this delicate textile. After washing, don’t place silk sheets into the dryer at the highest temperature. Instead, dry the sheets on an existing clothesline. In the event that you do not have a clothing line Dry your silk sheets with an unheated cycle.


While linen is similar to cotton (which is a material that is easy to clean) however, linen fibers are more fragile and require cleaning with special care. Make use of a mild detergent and wash linen sheets using hot (not cold) water using an easy cycle. Hang dry instead of tumble-drying when you can, as the fabric is susceptible to shrink when exposed to high temperatures.


Tencel are fibers that are all-natural fibers, created with environmentally responsible processes using sustainability-sourced wood. TENCEL is extremely breathable and has all-natural characteristics that ensure it is immune to allergens and bacteria.

As with cotton, TENCEL is an extremely durable material however, we recommend cleaning your sheets of high quality with TENCEL fibers using an extremely sensitive or cold cycle. Also, you should consider using mild detergent. If you are able, air-dry the TENCEL sheets or use the low-heat setting for your dryer.

How to Dry Your Sheets

Alongside being aware of how to wash bed sheets, it is also important to be aware of some tricks to dry your sheets.

Be sure to remove the damp sheets from the washer so that they don’t turn mouldy. Remove the sheets gently from the machine and shake them to make them dry. Don’t throw an untidy knot of sheets into a dryer, since it will slow drying and create unnecessary wrinkles.

Method 1: Clothesline

On a sunny, bright day, you might want to hang your bedsheets outside on the clothesline. However, you should only hang white sheets in direct sunlight. If you have colored sheets you should locate a shaded spot so that the sun doesn’t fade your fabric. To keep your sheets from blowing away the line when the wind blows make sure you pin your sheets onto the lines at the corners and avoid the center.

Method 2: Dryer

Drying by machine gives the sheets the desired soft feel. Even after drying the line it is possible to place the bed sheets into the dryer for just a while to soften them prior to making your bed.

Shake the sheets prior to placing them into the dryer at the low or medium setting. If you use the hot setting, it can cause premature wear on the sheets. Some dryers have automatic settings that shut off once the dryer is notified it is dry.

4 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Washing & Drying Bed Sheets

When you’re cleaning your sheets, be sure that you don’t make these errors:

Overloading the Washer

There are many washing machines that are identical, just like humans. In this regard ensure that you do not over-load your machine. For instance, a set of King sheets like this one, for instance, can be a huge burden on its own. Although it may take a couple of loads, try not to fill your washer up over what it is able to handle. Your reward for persistence will come in the form of clean fresh, clean and welcoming sheets for your bed that are comfortable and soft.

Using the Wrong Washer Setting

It’s easy for people to mistake the full load as the heavy-duty load. The heavy-duty setting is only for fabrics with a lot of soiled material like work clothing. Sheets, except for those that are particularly dirty, should be thrown in the washer in a regular cycle, or a regular, one.


As bed sheets take up lots of space, it’s a good the reason that they might take more time to dry. But, in reality, it’s not the case. Be sure to not put the bedding on an extremely long dryer setting since this can result in shrinkage and additional wear.

Drying Bed Sheets With Towels

Throwing in the bed sheets along with your towels can be a huge mistake. Although they could be in the same cabinet as linen but they aren’t able to work when drying. Towels weigh more than sheets, which means they need longer drying time. Sheets and towels will cycle through the machine , already dry, awaiting towel to dry.

Additionally the rough texture of towels may be abrasive against the thin, soft sheet material, which can cause pilling.

The right sheets to get an enjoyable night’s rest is an achievement in itself, so be sure that you take care of your sheets correctly by understanding how to clean and dry them. When you select the correct temperature and wash cycle and know when certain materials require special care and avoid common blunders that can cause problems, you’ll be awed by your luxurious sheets for many years to come.

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