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Today we’re honored with the Volcano Hybrid. The Hybrid has reevaluated the Volcano Classic that we as a whole know and love. On average Storz and Bickel design, the Volcano Hybrid slimes style and class in regards to both plan and execution. It flaunts an easy-to-understand activity, with buttons to increment and abatement temperature and a LED show screen.

We willingly volunteer to make your life as straightforward as could really be expected. We’ll let you know everything to be familiar with the Volcano Hybrid, as well as how to utilize it to its maximum capacity. It’s a straightforward arrangement, so we’ll cover everything from unpacking to streamlining, to cleaning and upkeep.

Here’s the beginning and end you want to be aware of the arrangement. In the case of the Volcano vaporizer you’ll see the accompanying:

  • Well of lava Hybrid Vaporizer
  • Power Adapter
  • 3 Easy Valve Balloons (With Mouthpieces)
  • Simple Valve Balloon With Adapter
  • Tube System
  • Filling Chamber
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Air Filter Set
  • Storz and Bickel Herb Mill
  • Guidance Manual

Temperature Settings

The temperature of the Volcano Vaporizer is totally flexible by utilizing the +/ – buttons on one or the other side of the LED screen. The temperature ranges between 104°F – 446°F, taking into account an entire scope of various encounters adjusting between flavor profile and fume creation.

The temperature is displayed on the LED screen show. The orange temperature at the highest point of the screen shows the genuine current temperature of the gadget, while the white temperature understates the set temperature.

Pressing The Oven

The actual stove can hold roughly 0.5g of medium ground dried spices. To uncover the chamber, wind it against clockwise and fill the orange half with your blossoms. When it’s full, place the other portion of the chamber on top and contort clockwise until secure.

For use with concentrates, turn the chamber over and place packs in the focal point of the trickle cushion.

Sack or whip?

Fountain of liquid magma Hybrid clients have the advantage of picking between two techniques for breathing in the fume created by the gadget.

The whip is amazing for supporting more modest, more private meetings when found straight by the unit. It’s ideal for relaxed enduring shots from the Volcano vaporizer as and when you please.

The pack, then again, has considerably more interest for those offering meetings to various individuals. The sack once loaded up with fume, is completely separable from the unit and hence has more convenient allure.

Switching It Off

Now, you will have partaken in a meeting with the Volcano Hybrid vaporizer. The unit flaunts an auto-shut-off highlight that turns of the gadget following 30 minutes of no utilization. You’ll likewise have the option to switch the gadget off by eliminating the chamber once every one of the materials has been vaped and turning off the unit from the power source.


Luckily, the Volcano vaporizer is really simple to clean and keep up with. The cylinder and the sacks are really planned to be supplanted, so there is very little for you to do.

It’s prescribed that weighty clients should plan to supplant the packs or cylinders one time each month. It’ll be obvious when to supplant them as they’ll stain. This starts to harm the actual unit as well as influences the kind of your fume.

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