How to Tell the Difference Between Power Chain Colors

Are you in the market for a new powerchains? Many people don’t realize that the colors of these accessories indicate something about their overall quality, so it’s important to pay attention to these details if you want to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth. Here’s how to tell the difference between power chain colors and what they represent.


What colors should I use in my niche?

One of the most common pieces of advice for new powerchains buyers is don’t buy gold chains, you’re going to look like a douche. This can make someone who’s trying to buy a power chain feel pretty lost since they probably have no idea what chain colors mean. For those buying a chain for style purposes and not status, there are actually several shades that will make you look stylish while still fitting in with your peers. Here’s a quick guide


What colors don’t look good together

The best way to figure out if colors are going to look good together is trial and error. Just try it! Not every pairing is going to work but that’s just a part of fashion. You will never know until you try! If you have time, look up a color wheel on Google or your phone and see what colors you can pair together in an outfit. The colors will most likely compliment each other depending on what colors they are. For example, blue works really well with white because they are different shades of one another so therefore they don’t look too bright or clashing against each other.


Common color combinations for your niche

___________. These colors (and variations) are appropriate for your niche and offer a high-quality product. ___________. Not every power chain is made equal, but you can expect that color combinations that match with common colors of your niche will be fine. ___________. These colors usually indicate lower quality products. __________. Not all colors should be avoided, but they do require a bit more scrutiny because they are often used by companies with lower quality products or companies trying to trick consumers into buying low-quality products disguised as higher quality ones for their niche. __________ . Power chains with a black link can symbolize multiple things, including premium craftsmanship and value; affordability; and exclusivity.


The rules for men’s colors vs. women’s colors

For men, wearing white or black after Labor Day is almost as bad as wearing brown shoes with a suit. (OK, maybe not quite that bad. But you get my point.) The rules for women’s colors are different—they can actually wear those hues year-round and get away with it. So what gives? What separates men’s color palettes from women’s? To break it down, we should first talk about ties—the piece that defines your personal palette. Here are some general guidelines


Keep it simple

One of the easiest ways to tell is by using a simple tooth-to-tooth color guide. The KMC X10 chain, for example, has ten teeth chart numbered on both sides, five yellow, five blue (five links each). Each link will have two outer plates and one inner plate—all three of which should match in color. In total, there should be 20 teeth and twenty plates all together—in alternating colors. If your chain has fewer or more than that, it could be an off-brand or a knockoff version. Either way, it’s probably not worth your time or money if you’re serious about your bike.


Just wear black

Sometimes, it’s really hard to tell what kind of chain you have just by looking at it. The easiest way to tell is if there are logos or markings on your chain, but most people don’t put those on their daily wear chains. With a little knowledge of jewelry terminology and a jeweler’s loupe, you can figure out what type of chain you have without having to spend hundreds on getting them identified. Use these three simple steps: look for markings (such as 14K or numbers), check for trademarks, and look at how many teeth (the small links) are in your chain.

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