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Fake vaporizers are a developing issue inside the business, and it’s a miserable truth that they exist for essentially all famous vaporizers. As of late, fakes have been arising of the well known Mighty Vaporizer by Storz and Bickel Australia. A phony Mighty can be exceptionally persuading, yet fortunately there are a couple of ways of recognizing whether your Mighty is genuine. Assuming you have purchased a Mighty vaporizer or are thinking about looking for a reasonable setup, kindly know about what to search for with the goal that you realize you are getting the genuine article.


Capacity to change from Fahrenheit to Celsius

The most dependable method for detecting a phony Mighty vaporizer is whether you can change the temperature readout from Fahrenheit to Celsius. On a real Mighty, you can do this by holding both temperature buttons down to change the presentation. The latest data we’ve found is that fake Mighty’s don’t have this capacity.


one more effective method for recognizing a phony Mighty vaporizer is the sound that it makes. A valid Mighty ought to transmit a low, protesting vibration when you switch it on. A few fakes have been accounted for as having a shrill cry or murmur when turned on.

Top Logo:

This can be a simple method for telling if a Mighty you have any desire to buy is valid. A valid Mighty has “Powerful” imprinted on top of the cooling unit in orange cursive text style. The plastic quickly around this logo is finished and furthermore has the Storz and Bickel logo imprinted in a light dark example. On the off chance that the logo appears to be any unique to this, it isn’t credible. NOTE: a few fake units currently have definite reproductions of this plan, so it is ideal to search for different signs too.

Continuously shop with a retailer you trust

By the day’s end, the most ideal way to keep away from an efficiently made counterfeit vaporiser is to shop with a legitimate vender that has been in the business for some time and knows what to search for. With regards to disintegrating, modest fakes are not equivalent to the genuine article, and they might try and be risky.

A legitimate Storz and Bickel Mighty is very much made with predominant high-heat safe plastic and with quality workmanship. The licensed aluminum heat trade instrument and exact temperature control makes it an incredibly productive unit with execution that basically can’t be reproduced by an impersonation model.

At Australian Vaporizers, we won’t ever stock fake vaporizers. We source authentic Mighty vaporizers straightforwardly from Storz and Bickel themselves and will constantly respect the full maker’s guarantee.

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