How to Select the Best UPSC Coaching in Delhi

Best UPSC Coaching in Delhi

After completion of my classes and spending so much time and nice money in Delhi. I have learned some of the things. Here I want to share some important points – Best UPSC Coaching in Delhi.

The most important thing in UPSC is not what to study…the most important is what NOT to study.

You are your own coaching institute. Self-study.

Memorise UPSC syllabus by heart. By Mind…from anywhere. You may feel it is not that important…but it’s the most important thing. Just memorize it word by word. Every word in the UPSC syllabus is very important. Study the syllabus thoroughly.

Don’t depend on anyone for material or notes and else… the market is flooded with all of that…just analyse yourself and choose the best suitable for you. And as per demand and changing scenario of UPSC. Come on now. You want to be an IAS officer…so I don’t consider that you are lacking that much intelligence.

And whatever you choose just stick to it, don’t listen to anyone just trust yourself and your study material fully.

Yes but while selecting…be very very sharp and do great/complex market research and analysis. (Trust fully not blindly)

You can get success just by making your own way of preparation. In UPSC every person has their unique and different way.

Don’t copy successful candidates…as I said earlier it’s their way to get clear in exams, so make your own path. Don’t copy…just learn good methods and things from successful candidates and most important from unsuccessful candidates…you can learn so many things from unsuccessful persons. They know so many not-to-go-paths and not-to-do-things.

Study from only the best material available in a particular subject or topic. Don’t go for much variation and variety of books. Study only maximum 2/3 books thoroughly. Repetition and revisions are most most most important.

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The Hindu – For current events. Nothing else.

Make a good plan for study and Follow it. Don’t make it like the government policies…. Government Policies are always great but the problem lies while executing them.

Don’t waste even 1 minute of your study plan… I personally think like this.. 1 hour time waste = 10 marks. It will give you pressure. It’s pressure not stress. Chill. So don’t even think about wasting 1 whole day.

Read some good books other than study related… some good answers on Quora. If you have time, meet good people who have positive vibes. Try to stay positive and motivated.

Stay away from negative thoughts and negative people. These things will destroy you. Don’t meet them, don’t even talk with them.

Always think about Our Nation and your Family first. Nothing else is important. Nothing is above Our Country and Constitution. Everything else is just a waste. Every other thing can wait.

Keep in mind that you have to do something for your country. You have to give something back to our society.

I have learned so much from coaching classes. But now some people have made it a kind of Industry/Market. I’m just against that.

I’ll list my top three, assuming there are no significant financial issues. There are several good options you can go for. But in the post pandemic world of UPSC CSE coaching, you can even look at the online offerings from the reputed Delhi IAS coaching institutes.

All these UPSC Coaching in Delhi and study material and a tried and tested way of teaching. The differences in their Foundational courses is minimal. The differentiating factors for me are:

EDEN IAS – Tests are always on time and the best part is they care about it when students miss the classes and support.

Shriram’s IAS-Module options for students to decide if they want to take up self-study for any one course

Vision IAS-Test series is the best, and this helps get a fair idea of the ranking across India as well.

All these institutes have online classes as well, and those are considerably cheaper options. Plus, you don’t have to move out, live by yourself and commute to the classes. You can look those up on their websites.


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