How to see who viewed my Twitter profile?

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Now, we believe it’s time to check out that can you see who looks at your Twitter?

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Can you See Who looks at your Twitter?


See, it is evident that if your Twitter account is private then only your followers can track your activity such as your posts, tweets, and retweets.

And If your Account is open or in the public domain then anyone can see your activity, however, you can restrict Twitter users by blocking them whom you don’t want to see your Twitter profile.

You can also try out the Twitter analytics feature to know who’s been viewing your Twitter profile in the last 28 days although it will not provide you with the information about the users who viewed your profile it will show you impressions, mentions, and numbers of views on the tweet.

If you wish to set up Twitter analytics you can follow the below-mentioned easy steps.

  • Begin with opening up Twitter App on your device and perform a Twitter login with the correct credentials, if you have not logged in already.
  • Now, head to the more section on your profile.
  • Once you are done with the above steps, Tap on “Analytics” and select turn analytics.

Sometimes it happens that Twitter suspended the Twitter account if he finds some suspicious activity on Twitter. If your account also gets suspended by Twitter, and you don’t know how to recover it, you can read my article.

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