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How to Remodel A Living Room on a Budget: 5 Easy Ways

Which room is most commonly used in a house? The majority of people think it’s either kitchen or bedroom – and they couldn’t be more wrong about it! A living room is a central room in a house with a multitude of functions. It is the place where you entertain guests, have a cozy time with your family, relax while watching a good show on TV or even playing games. 

For every house, the use of the living room varies. Therefore the way your neighbors had decorated their living room may not be the way you want to decorate your space. Because every house is special, we have come up with refreshing and quick remodeling ideas, for a house under budget. 

1- Redesign the layout 

Imagine you are thinking of upgrading your house in eighteen Islamabad. Despite the fact that the house is freshly constructed, you may not be happy with the layout. So what to do now? Just rethink the layout. 

Sometimes all the living room needs is a fresh layout. This way you can rearrange the furniture, and maybe add or remove a piece or two. Usually, a living room is centered around the fireplace or the TV console. So you can change the layout without hovering too much. 

It is easier to adjust the living room’s layout if TV is the main focal point. It’s easy to reroute the cabling. So it gives you enough margin to reset the entire space. 

2- Change the paint 

Without breaking the bank accounts, you can remodel the living room with a fresh coat of paint. It’s one of the most cost-effective solutions to give a facelift to the room. You can decide to paint a solid color on one focal wall. Or you can think about painting the ceiling instead. 

Trying contrasting colors transforms the living room immensely. Light colors can make the space look more airy and clean than the dark-colored theme. For instance, the use of the color gray with white is quite common. 

3- Pay attention to flooring

A common belief is that redoing the flooring is expensive. But you can avoid the overhaul expense. Sometimes new flooring ideas work best as you are tired from using a carpet or from the crooked tiles in the corner. 

In such a case, a carpet can be replaced by rugs, vinyl tiles, or wooden laminates. These are cost-effective flooring options. 

Using modern flooring materials like tiles or wooden laminates gives a more finishing look to the living room. It can be easily installed on the top of the old floor so you do not need to destroy the entire floor. 

And let’s just say it’s a mess-free idea most people opt for. 

4- Revamp the furniture 

Contrary to the popular belief, revamping your furniture is less expensive as compared to buying brand new furniture. 

Considering the available budget, it is an environmentally-friendly option for a lot of people. Although buying new furniture in a new home makes sense. But as long as the frame is good to use, you can change the upholstered furniture. 

If you are skeptical and not sure which choice to make, always go for revamping the sofa set or chairs. It’s a quick fix and also an interesting DIY project too if you are a self-learner. Also, painting the furniture, like tables or chest drawers, can give a certain appeal to the entire woodwork. 

5- Accessorize the room 

It’s not only the good furniture or colors that count anymore. You have to accessorize the living room to give it the personality you had in mind. 

Something as simple as replacing the pillows, or a cotton throw in the living room can add the charm you need. Instead of choosing expensive items, you can always work on other DIY projects using recycled material. Adding pattern rugs to the floor is a good option as it adds just enough of a color appeal. 

Once done with the new additions in the room, do not forget to do a before and after picture to see the remarkable progress you made on remodeling your living room. If you have any other ideas to share with us, we are all ears!

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