How to Promote Your Business on Instagram: 10 Expert Tips

How to Promote Your Business on Instagram

Apr 12, 2022, By John E Lincoln

Wondering how to sell on Instagram?

Search no further. I guide you in twenty steps to a successful Instagram strategy.

If you want you can also watch this video where I talk about how I got my first 10,000 followers.

At first glance, Instagram may also seem like the go-to app for sharing flawlessly lit selfies, lifestyle photos, and memes with lots of laughs.

However, since the image and video sharing platform was released in 2010, Instagram has become a goldmine for groups of all shapes and sizes.

As Instagram continues to emerge as a major player in the advertising and marketing world, manufacturers across the board are taking notice. From community building to social advertising and everything in between, it’s no wonder that shoppers and groups alike have emulated Instagram as one of their primary revenue-generating tools.

And as a marketer, it’s more important than ever to innovate and find ways to sell your business on Instagram.

1. Maintain A Consistent Brand Identity

Your Instagram business account is simply an extension of your emblem.

While Instagram is a totally unique platform that can (and should) be used to achieve specific goals from different touchpoints, even from your different social media accounts, you’ll want to maintain a sense of consistency across all platforms, especially in regards to the tone and persona about your logo.

Many customers subscribe to your logo through several, if not all, of these dedicated channels.

If your Instagram character deviates from the tone of your website, Facebook page, or store staff, you risk upsetting your customers.

That way, your customer interactions on Instagram and the tone you set in the captions of your posts should reflect what it feels like to go to your business in person.

Otherwise, you can direct customers to the happy, cheerful company they met on Instagram, the easiest to be surprised by.

This causes a rift in their customer journey and can disappoint them all together.

2. Incorporate Trending Topics In Your Posts

Staying on top of trends is generally a quality exercise on social media. By addressing what people are already questioning, you will gain a crucial lead when it comes to social engagement.

The Ben & Jerry’s entry below was posted on Valentine’s Day. The Valentine’s Day-themed photo was not particularly effective, but they created a special “What kind of taste is your soul mate?” also online quiz. Friendly!


Your target audience is probably already active on Instagram – you just need to know where to find them.

One way to do this is to be attractive to the people they already follow.

Think about the groups for your company that have been on the platform for a long time and start your search. Track their debts and interact with related posts by liking them or adding a comment.

This debt can also monitor your return and help you map out your tentative target audience.

4. Schedule your content

Consistency is key when it comes to selling your trading business on Instagram and your trading business page.

If a person visits your profile and sees that your maximum recent Instagram post is weeks ago, there is no reason for that person to click the “Watch” button. If their Instagram feed is full of posts from your business, they will also be less able to follow you.

There are several social media automation devices that schedule Instagram posts on your behalf, such as: B. Buffer, Sprout Social, and Hootsuite.

Most Instagram automation systems use old facts to determine your favorite post time and create a queue for scheduled content to finish on the best of times.

5. Avoid Blanket Posting

While the tone and personality behind your posts want to remain consistent across channels, excessive similarity can be harmful.

You have to carefully navigate the gap between closing regular content and posting concise content without generic posts, i.e. using exactly identical posts and content on different social media platforms.

The risk of a generic post is that customers who follow you on more than one social media channel will see the same post more than once.

After the first time it is no longer attractive and it starts to get annoying. Remember that every channel is different and should be treated as such.

However, there are cases where general disclosures are allowed, e.g. B. if your company hosts a nearby website or releases new products and you want as many people as possible to pay attention to that news/event/product.

However, you still need to make sure you cross-sell responsibly.

Responsible cross-selling isn’t just copying and pasting your efforts from one platform to another, it uses all channels to sell the exact same thing.

6. Use a Hashtag Contest

Instagram hashtag contests are one of the quickest and easiest ways to force new Instagram followers to get user-generated content that you can use later.

Essentially, Instagram customers get an incentive (risk of winning a prize) to follow your Instagram website and submit an image using a hashtag.

Any images that can be tagged along with your sweepstakes hashtag will be automatically included in your sweepstakes website (the easiest way to do this is with a 3rd-anniversary sweepstakes builder, BTW). People who submit an image inspire their friends and the social community to vote for their entry, and whoever gets the maximum number of votes wins the prize.


Since Instagram is a viewable medium that offers features in addition to Instagram Stories, Instagram Live, and video uploads, it provides the right opportunity for your business to make a clear voice and connect with your audience.

Start building a great Instagram bio. From there, you want to develop an approach based primarily on telling your brand’s story.

Not sure how to do this? Check out this newsletter for a little inspiration.

The part of your brand’s story you have to percentage and the layout you choose to percentage it is as much as you do. But to set yourself apart from the competition, the more innovative you are, the better.

Don’t be afraid to be ambitious and make a statement. However, your story should be cohesive from release to release.

8. Show your Instagram feed on your website

It’s clear to be tempte to treat your Instagram profile as your personal entity.

The fact is, you probably have people on your company’s website who need to interact with your logo elsewhere, including Instagram.

Not necessarily those looking at your business’s Instagram profile before, but after they’ve looked at you, it’s best they post a few to take the next step and buy from you.

Check out how The Pearl Source is highlighting their Instagram on their eCommerce site. There is a feed for his or her modern posts, along with a hashtag for customers to use.

9. Demonstrate Your Local Lifestyle

The local way of life of your business is clearly define by the existence of a shopper after purchasing your merchandise.

Since Instagram is kind of a visible social media platform, it’s the right channel to illustrate how your logo’s way of life seems to be around.

Include photos of your products in motion so customers can imagine how they live.

This reinforces your universal logo price and encourages customers to make a purchase.

When developing images or movies that show the near way of life presented through your products, you should always aim to include famous landmarks in your city.

These places are not easily recognizable and familiar, but they support the shopper’s imagination and foresight regarding your products in relation to their existence, especially if you use landmarks they frequent.

10. Include Video Content

This is a tricky bit because the last element to do is advise you to add videos to Instagram if it’s not so much of a positive standard right now. Nothing communicates unprofessionally like poor audio and video quality.

That said, if your company has invested in producing great video (as you should), with a studio, an inexperienced screen, a lapel mic, and a good camera, video is the way to go. It gets more attention than photos, and contrary to what I said above, nothing exudes legitimacy and professionalism like an excellent video.

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