How to prepare for your first fruit picking job

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Are you interested in a fruit picking job and have secured one but do not know how to prepare? Do not worry. Pick GV has got your back! Fruit picking and fruit packing jobs are not as easy as they seem. You need to be fully prepared before you step into a farm for your first fruit picking job. You may be nervous or fearful of the unknown. Do not fret. We are here to assist you in feeling more prepared for your new journey on an Australian station. We will guide you through the basics, non-essentials, and tiny things to get you through. Check the harvest calendar for the relevant fruit picking seasons before packing your bags.

Packing List Essentials

Depending on where you do your rural experience, the general issue is the weather, though we will provide you a list of stuff to bring in all scenarios.

A Hat: The Wonderful Australian sun will always catch you out, whether it is cloudy or raining.

Water: You never know how long you’ll be outside, so bring two large bottles of water with you.

T-shirts and a shoulder-covering shirt: Most contractors and farmers, assuming they are reputable ones, make this mandatory. You may make the error of wearing singlets and vests to your fruit picking job but remember it would be hot.

Sunscreen: And then some more sunscreen; factor 50, by the way.

First Aid Kit: The first-aid kit includes plasters, paracetamol, and ibuprofen. We are sorry to say, but picking may result in a hurting back.

Gloves: This is especially important for picking fruits and vegetables. Chemicals and pesticides are sprayed on the crops, which are harmful to human skin. If you want to conclude your day without getting a rash or being covered in a black paint-like substance (which takes weeks to remove), get yourself an inexpensive pair of gardening gloves or even hospital hygiene gloves.

No Wet Clothes: You won’t be going home until the job is finished, so don’t wear wet clothes to work.

Snacks: As previously stated, you never know how long you will be gone. All you need is some drink and a sandwich. You might be fortunate enough to work on a farm with enough fresh fruit and vegetables to graze on.

Old/Cheap Trainers: You will get dirty wherever you go, so do not mistake wearing your nicest trainers; they will be thrown out. Always have a rain jacket on hand. You will not be able to leave until the job is completed, so you do not want to be working in drenched clothing.

A Sweater: Fruit picking begins exceptionally early. Don’t be misled by Australian weather; even at 4 a.m., it may be freezing!

What NOT to Pack

Money: If you’re going to the farm, leave your money at home. You do not need it because there’s nowhere to go shopping, and you never know who’s around; always be cautious!

Chocolate snacks: You and your bag will be exposed to the sun for most of the day. Snack wisely.

Flip flops/sandals: If you do not want sludgy dirt between your toes and dust between your nails, Go with those cheap old trainers.

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