How to Pick the Best Braces Color for Your Teeth

Nowadays, people confuse regarding which braces colour to choose while undergoing the treatment. While there are various options you can mix to have your customised combination. Continue reading this guide in case you are scrambling to choose the ideal colour of your braces band. For more information read  this blog.

What are the available colours of braces?

Unlike earlier, modern braces have numerous colour options to choose from. It comprises of pretty teal shade to royal blue and from deep maroon to candy apple red as well. These days’ users have variety of colour options when it comes to undergoing modern-day braces treatment.

How often can you change colour of braces?

At every dental appointment, orthodontist will tighten the wires. But you have the right to select new colours at every appointment session. However, it completely depends on how long you will need to go orthodontist treatment!

You can have new colour once in a month or two! Therefore, you don’t have to deal with the same colour in the long run. Prepare yourself to visit the orthodontist to get braces treatment.

Which is the ideal colour for your braces?

Most patients remain confused which braces colour they must choose. It’s your personal call and you can decide which one suits you in numerous ways. You can pick the favourite colour or the one matching with the wardrobe. In fact you can opt for favourite sports team colour or festivals or seasons as well.

How will you select the perfect colour of the braces?

You can take certain approaches for selection of best colours for braces bands during orthodontic consultation. But remember, despite of the colour you choose it will reflect something about your personality.

What the colours of braces reflect about you?

Colours reflect various emotions and reveal many things about a person. Here are some meanings of the colours you can choose from:

  • Red signifies passion or anger revealing courage, strength and power
  • Blue is the reflection of loyalty, intelligence and calmness
  • Green is all about growth, harmony and good fortune
  • Orange is the colour of creation and enthusiasm
  • Purple reflects royalty and wealth yet regards as mystical one
  • Yellow is all about cheerfulness
  • White represents purity, hope and innocence
  • Black is the colour of strength, elegance and power

Considerable aspects during selection of braces colours

It sounds easy to select the colour of braces meanwhile is not in reality. Before selection there are some facts you must consider to get the appropriate one for you even for temporary colour although!

  • Consider your diet. If you are a coffee lover and consume berries; both of these will stain the band colours.
  • Think of natural teeth colour. Many colours can make the teeth look slightly off-white even though it is naturally off-white.
  • Complexion matters a lot. When a specific colour doesn’t suit you, there is a low feeling of having them on the teeth.

Ideas of braces colours

Are you addling to choose the right colour of bands of the braces? Here are some exclusive ideas waiting for you to choose from:

  • Favourite colour- You can go with the favourite colour of yours. Also you can have the combination of multiple favourite colours as well.
  • Matching with the attire- If you have some common colours in the closet then pick it up for braces bands. However, adult prefers neutral shade that completely goes with any occasion and attire.
  • Events and holidays- If there is any special occasion at the doorstep you can choose the colour used for celebrations. For instance, red and white for Christmas!
  • Preferable sports team- Express your love for any sports team by flashing braces bands of that colour.
  • Colours complementing eye colour- If you have brown eyes then choose green bands for complement. Blue eyes will complement by lilac, pink and blue bands and green will intensify by orange, green, red and purple.
  • Seasonal changes- Try out neons and bright colours for summer, pastels for spring and dark colours for winter.
  • Express the support for any cause- Wearing pink in October means you are supporting breast cancer as it is awareness month.

Consult with the orthodontist to check the options available for you!

Colour combinations of braces

Is there any confusion regarding selection from 2 colours? Then, go with both! Sometimes colour combinations make your feel happy and confident about yourself. In case, the confusion is still there then try out these colour combinations especially for brace bands.

Braces colour which makes teeth appear whiter than ever

In case you want to make the teeth appear whiter than ever then go with dark coloured bands. Some of them are navy blue, dark purple and black. If you want some popping colours then light blue or red can suit you. Also, these make the teeth appear even brighter.

Many times it is better to walk with nude shades. Clear colour, grey and silver hue may not make the teeth whiter yet they never attract the public attention for your discolouration as well. Meanwhile, you must stay miles away from dark sodas, tea and coffee for the prevention against stains. They can also alter the colour of braces bands as well.

You should avoid the colours of braces

Remember, not each colour suits everyone. Some looks fantastic and some appears horrible in same colour. Here we list some colours which are non-recommendable for anyone.

  • White seems tempting colour when it comes to teeth straightening option yet it fades out with eating and drinking. Soon, it appears yellowish making them more prominent on your teeth.
  • Dark coloured bands may appear the teeth white. But being dark colours like navy blue and dark purple it can leave the food appearance traps within the teeth.
  • Gold and yellow colour brings out more yellowish of the teeth than they are actually.
  • Teeth colour differs from person to person. Therefore, in case you have yellow tint on the teeth then it is better to choose silver or clear bands. Otherwise, for those who have naturally white teeth they can choose black bands. It will make the teeth appear whiter than ever.

Conventional metal braces alternatives

In case you don’t find any interest in said options then check your eligibility for non-conventional braces.


You can choose to undergo Invisalign treatment in London. It makes use of clear aligners for teeth straightening. You can easily remove them from the mouth for drinking and having your foods. Also you can brush and floss normally while undergoing teeth straightening treatment without letting anyone know about it.

Despite of usage of removable aligner, it is pertinent to wear them for long 22 hours to obtain desirable result on time.

Clear braces and Invisalign ceramic braces

Invisible braces (ceramic and clear braces) act similar to that of traditional braces. However, it is less prominent that traditional metal brackets. A thin wire of metal uses for connecting them and the brackets completely blends with teeth natural colour. Therefore, it becomes highly discreet over conventional braces.

Alongside selection of braces practising improved oral hygiene is equally important. Always avoid some of the foods and try to brush the teeth after having each meal. You need to clean the brackets too. Maintain the dental visit regularly and catch up with the hygienist once in every 3-month for maintain healthy and beautiful smile.

To know more about dental braces, find your nearest dental clinic for making an appointment.

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