How To Pack Clothes For Storage- The Right Way To Store Clothes

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Are your cabinets overflowing but you only seem to wear half of what’s within throughout any given season? Are you spending the summer at home after attending college but don’t want to bring everything with you? If so, you might think about storing part of your winter clothing throughout the summer and vice versa. That seems like a wise plan. Doesn’t it? Here is all the information you need about keeping your clothes in a self-storage Melbourne-wide. There is multiple storage available but the real trick is HOW TO STORE your clothes!

Wash the Garments

Washing the clothing is the first step in preparing it for storage. Before putting your clothing away, carefully check each item for stains and filth and make sure they are cleaned up. If you bring dirty clothes, it’s likely that any stains or odors may fester over time and be impossible to remove. Additionally, mosquitoes and other pests are more likely to be drawn to contaminated clothing.

Do NOT Vacuum Seal

This step may come as a surprise given all the publicity surrounding the space-saving benefits of storing clothing in vacuum-sealed bags. Vacuum sealing, in actuality, only works well for clothing when it’s being kept for a short period of time and not for months. The lack of oxygen within a vacuum bag can cause the fibers in your garments to compress if you’re storing them for a few months, damaging their shape and fit.

Do NOT forget to ADD Cedar Balls

You might be tempted to add mothballs to your storage container when thinking about how to put garments in storage, but as you are aware, they smell awful and may be harmful if discovered by children or animals. Utilising real cedar balls is a preferable choice. Wooden cedar balls are durable, have a lovely scent, and will keep bugs off your clothes.

Use Suitable Plastic Containers

The ideal container for long-term clothing storage is one made of plastic with a clip-on lid. Your clothing will be shielded from moisture, dust, mold, and mildew by using these. You can line the interior of the container with a fresh cotton sheet for added protection.

Go For A Professional Storage Unit

It’s preferable to keep your clothing in a dry, clean, cold storage space. Choosing a reputable storage business is the best way to guarantee that your storage unit satisfies all of these requirements. When it comes to protecting your garments, the facilities they are able to offer are significantly better than a soggy garage or garden shed. For professional self-storage, get in touch with the Moor Room!

Keep A Check On Your Items

If you intend to keep garments in storage for an extended amount of time say, to keep baby items until you have another child you should inspect the condition of your storage boxes roughly every six months. By doing so, you’ll be able to see any possible problems and keep your garments from getting damaged.

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