How to Organize Your Photos while photoshoot in Nairobi

I’ve been attempting to capture at least one picture per day for the past few years, which has resulted in me having many more pictures in a studio hire photoshoot in Nairobi than others and forcing me to devise a basic but efficient organizational process. I’ve finally figured out how to maintain my photos sorted after some experimentation.

Remove, remove, and remove

The beauty of camera technology is how simple it is to snap a large number of photographs. The disadvantage of camera technology is how simple it is to capture a large number of images. Are seven images of your daughter creating a sandpit really necessary?

Make a file folder

This one is simple. Even though there are loads of places to save images, I prefer to begin by establishing a subfolder on my hard disk drive in any cheap photography studio rental because I frequently upload pictures from multiple devices. This file can be titled anything you like, such as “Images,” and it can be simply moved to a different computer or corroborated.

Make subfolders for each year

Create a file for 2015 starting with your recent images. Create a file for every month that begins with a numeral inside every file. You can organize your pictures in temporal instead of chronological order this way. So, January is 01 January, February is 02 February, and so on. Place all of the images with the assistance of a photoshoot set designer from a certain month in the respective folder. You’ll frequently recall the month an event took place.

Keep your special occasions apart

You may just take several images during certain months, whereas in other months you might capture a large amount of pictures. Create a sub-folder in a cheap photography studio rental with a simple, single label such as “Danny’s 12th Birthday Party” or “Trip to the canyons” inside the relevant month for those occasions. Your special occasion images will be simple to find this way.

At least once per month, upload photographs

It’s not really necessary to load and save images the very same day they’re taken to your laptop. Nevertheless, I strongly advise everybody to upload their images as soon as possible minimize losing them accidentally. The end of the month is an excellent time to add images to your to-do list because you’ll be capable of filling out your file for that month. This is really a great opportunity to remove pictures from your device’s card and send yourself the shots you felt were worth keeping using your smartphone or even photoshoot in Nairobi.

Make good names for your pictures

To quickly access my images in a studio hire photoshoot in Nairobi, I store them with alliterative names. If you take a lot of images, you might wish to start your naming convention with the day of the month, however this isn’t required. If you have more than one kid, insert their names in the pictures and videos title. Likewise, you might want to provide the location’s identity.


Because a hard disk drive accident is certain at a certain period, it’s critical to regularly back up your images. I suggest trying this at least once a month. There are numerous backup alternatives available a photoshoot set designer might assist you with, and you will eventually find one that functions for you during experimentation.

Taking on the pile

Most families have hundreds of unstructured images dating back to their baby’s birth. Whereas this approach is simple to deploy, going back and organising six or ten years’ amount of images could seem intimidating. The great news is that you may progressively arrange your old images with any photoshoot set designer. Going over your old images will be a nostalgic walk down recollection road that you will most likely appreciate. Make sure to remove the images you don’t want to save when you sift over your old photos. If you can’t figure out which month old images were captured or it’s too time intensive, focus on arranging the pictures by year and establishing categories for important events.

To sum up 

If you want to improve your photo management in a cheap photography studio rental, create multiple files for similar photos. If you keep only the winners and can easily find your favourites, you’ll look at your photos more often.

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