How to make notes for specific Ethics Syllabus ethical values?

How to make notes for specific Ethics Syllabus ethical values?

Ethics Syllabus is one of most important subject of mains examination. Having a proper note of it makes the medication easier.

Being an UPSC applicant and after appearing in mains doubly I suppose am the right person to guide about, so participating my way of making notes.

For making notes of specifically ethical values.

what you can do is make a vocab collection of different values, especially those which are under the syllabus.

Write their description, as you’re in the trip so you must be reading journals, so whenever you’re going through any illustration in the review that’s related to your vocab collection write there.

By the time of UPSC mains examination you’ll have a great systematized collection of colorful values. You can help from the EDEN IAS ETHICS Manual.

Good Luck. 😊

How can we collect or list real life exemplifications to answer ethical dilemma related question?

further than the proposition part our case study brings out ethical dilemma, so having collection of real- life exemplifications give an edge in working the case studies, at least we get a companion what should be the ways.

Some important sources from which to collect these exemplifications are

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Newspaper: Have an eye over the intriguing exemplifications that can be used in ethics paper. For illustration, when you go through the news like “ Wanted! Empathy on- and offline ”, Why glorify violence? etc or you went through a news composition about civil retainers working in remote sections of the country and how they’re transubstantiating them for the better. similar everyday exemplifications are multitudinous, all you have to do is to link it with the syllabus and note them down for future reference.

Daily Life: numerous times, in your diurnal life you come in similar situation like you’re going for office and suddenly saw a eyeless man crossing the road, how you had been replied. Or there are numerous issues passing like grower’s kick, sewage blockage etc and what are the peoples view, you can also link these to your syllabus.

Work Place: Plant Every profession has its set of ethical dilemmas. For case, a counsel defending a girl in dowry case indeed when she’s wrong faces an ethical dilemma. An SDM who has to cover government lands and remove encroachments might, in the process, make some poor families homeless. Once you communicate, you’ll have great reach of colorful results.

From the Lives of Leaders, Philosophers, and Administrators:

From the Lives of Leaders, Proponents, and directors Stories, conduct, stories, and quotes from the lives of prestigious personalities can also be used as exemplifications to drive your argument. For illustrationDr. Kalam’s commitment to space and nuclear field is a testament to his professional capability.

So these are the ways by which you can make depository of real life exemplifications.

Good Luck. hope this will help!!!

How can we get good citations for answer jotting?

  • There are colorful ways for getting good citations google the name of given proponents or any of your favourite champion/ scholars from the given syllabus and note it down( stylish source can be point named goodreads).
  • You can also note down the citations used by colorful leaders during speech.
  • If you’re addict of hearing TedTalks you can also quote them.
  • You can note down quotations from colorful mythological sources too.
  • Make sure while writing citations you have a fair idea of your syllabus too.

Should we give practical result or ideal result for case studies?

See when we’re working case studies, we can’t use common approach to all the case studies, rather every person is different and every case study is different so it demands different approach.

still, also the result shouldn’t be vague, If we’ve to choose practical result for any case study.

For illustration if you’re taking a case study dealing with gender issues in the quarter, also just do n’t write commodity vague saying you’ll insure women commission in the area.

Describe concrete way by writing on you’ll give livelihood openings, employment openings, education openings etc. quotation exemplifications of successful models like SEWA, Prajwal, Lajpat papad, etc.

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In the same way, if you’re taking help of ideal results for working a case study also break it on the base of some criteria like indigenous Framework, Legal Framework, Philosophical backings etc.

Don’t just don’t idealize the same approach for working all the case studies.

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